Reinstatement Process


An individual who previously held an IHMM certification that has not been decertified on ethical grounds may apply to have his or her certification reinstated if their annual fees have been expired for less than five (5) years and/or their decertified certification has been expired for less than five (5) years.

If either condition is not met, the individual must go through the full certification process in order to become certified again.

Reinstatement is not a reversal of decertification. All time in service is lost at the time of decertification. For more information regarding reversal of decertification, please refer to IHMM’s Decertification Appeal Policy.

Evidence of knowing continued use of a decertified certification after having been provided notice of decertification by IHMM is a violation of your certification agreement and is unethical, and will render the individual ineligible for reinstatement.


In order to begin the reinstatement process, the former certificant must complete and submit the reinstatement application and pay the Reinstatement Application Fee of $85.00.

Submission of a reinstatement application and payment of the fee does not confer any change in certification status.

IHMM staff will review the application to determine the applicant’s eligibility for reinstatement and, upon approval of the application, the applicant may then complete the reinstatement process as described below.


Annual Fees
An applicant whose certification has been decertified on grounds of past due Annual Certification Maintenance Fees (ACMF) must pay all fees past due at the time of decertification, including late fees, as well as an additional Reinstatement Administrative Fee of $215.00. If annual fees were the only grounds for decertification, the applicant’s previous certification expiration date will be applied to the reinstated certification.

In addition to meeting all fee-related reinstatement requirements as described above, an applicant whose certification has been decertified on grounds of failure to recertify or whose previous certification expiration date and submission grace period have passed must complete a recertification application covering a period ending on the final day of the month the reinstatement application is submitted and going back five years. Reinstatement of certification will not be awarded until this application has been approved by IHMM, and there is no change in certification status conferred until an applicant finishes this recertification application.


For assistance with Reinstatement, please contact IHMM staff at  [email protected]

To begin the reinstatement process, proceed to MYIHMM and see where your name appears and directly beneath the name appears “DECERTIFIED,’ and select “Click Here” to apply for reinstatement. Follow the process.