IHMM’s policy to account for extenuating circumstances preventing a certificant from completing recertification during the final months leading up to the final deadline before decertification (six months after the certificant’s expiration date).

The policy reads as follows:

The occurrence of any of the following events during the final three months (90 days) before a certificant’s final decertification deadline shall be grounds for appeal:

  1. Serious illness or unexpected medical event
  2. Death, serious illness, or medical event in the immediate family (parent, sibling, spouse, or child)
  3. Overseas military or professional deployment (where contact is limited or not possible)
  4. Other serious and unforeseen extenuating circumstances meriting review by IHMM’s Professional Standards Committee

An appellant must submit a signed written request for an exception or reversal in consideration of their circumstances. A scanned copy of the document bearing the appellant’s original signature shall be considered acceptable. The written request shall identify which of the enumerated grounds listed above serves as the basis of the appeal.

In addition, IHMM reserves the right to request documentation confirming the veracity of any claims made in an appeal. An appellant’s providing such documentation with an appeal initially may expedite its processing.

Appeals made for the reasons numbered 1, 2, or 3 above will afford temporary continued status as an active certificant while a decision is pending. Appeals made on the basis of these “pre-approved” circumstances will be reviewed by IHMM staff.

Appeals based on other extenuating circumstances will be referred to the Professional Standards Committee for review and will afford no such continued active status unless and until a reversal is rendered. Decertifications appealed this way remain effective while they are considered. IHMM staff or the Professional Standards Committee shall provide the appellant with written notice of their decision on the appeal.

Approval of an appeal will result in reinstatement of the decertified credential contingent upon submission of a complete recertification form within 30 days of notice of the approval of the appeal. IHMM reserves the right to request documentation for any and all claims made in a recertification form.

Denial of an appeal shall represent the final Institute action on the matter. In the absence of any ethical violations, a decertified individual may regain their credential by beginning the application process as a new applicant.

IHMM and the IHMM Professional Standards Committee will not consider appeals made wholly or substantially on grounds of:

  1. Certificant’s failure to maintain up to date contact information
  2. Tenure or stature as an IHMM certificant
  3. Failure to complete application due to procrastination
  4. Refusal to participate in IHMM’s established recertification process

It shall be considered unethical conduct for a current or former certificant to use the appeals process to exert unwarranted influence on the recertification process.