IHMM Remotely Proctored Exams Available Now

IHMM is pleased to announce that the American National Standards Institute [ANSI] has approved Kryterion Remotely Proctored Exams for IHMM’s CHMM, CHMP, and CDGP exams. IHMM has been using the Kryterion Remotely Proctored Exams for the CSHM and CSMP exams since April of this year.

About 60% of Kryterion in-person testing centers have reopened. If you prefer the comfort and convenience of taking your exam from your home or office instead of at a Kryterion center, IHMM is ready to enroll you in a remotely proctored examination.

Please contact either Kortney Tunstall at [email protected] for the CHMM, CHMP, or CDGP exams or Kaylene Cagle at [email protected] for the CSHM or CSMP exams.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Other than content specifically provided by IHMM, articles contained in IHMM Today are compiled from independent sources and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of IHMM.

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IHMM Credential Recognition

Below you will see the 3 EHS credential badges that are now in each CSHM, CSMP, and ASHM certificant’s MYIHMM account. Every IHMM certificant may use these badges, linked as those below are to their IHMM credential page, for their email signatures, business cards, and other social media applications. You’re justifiably proud of the accomplishment of having earned your credential and you can show the rest of the world.


Need Help? On the IHMM website just click on the “NEED HELP?” button and let us know what you need and the right person will get right back with you.

CALL TO ACTION – ALL IHMM CERTIFICANTS – Freedom To Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act

The Freedom To Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act will allow those who have IRS Section 529 education accounts to use the funds in those accounts on such expenses as applications, examinations, and fees associated with pursuing private, professional credentials and certifications. A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future education costs. 529 plans, legally known as “qualified tuition plans,” are sponsored by states, state agencies, or educational institutions and are authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Savings plans grow tax-deferred, and withdrawals are tax-free if they’re used for qualified education expenses. Prepaid tuition plans allow the account owner to pay in advance for tuition at designated colleges and universities, locking in the cost at today’s rates. 529 plans are also referred to as qualified tuition programs and Section 529 plans.

We need you to contact your Representatives and Senators to co-sponsor Representative Spanberger’s legislation in Congress, the Freedom To Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act.

The “Freedom To Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act” will enable those who seek professional, post-secondary credentials from institutions recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. As one who holds a professional credential, I consider it essential to the growth of a trained, specialized professional workforce to be able to fund activities associated with gaining and retaining a professional credential. Representative Spanberger’s Freedom To Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act does exactly that. A copy of the draft legislation is here.

Spanberger co-led the introduction of the legislation alongside U.S. Representatives Fred Upton (R-MI-06), Dean Phillips (D-MN-03), and Rob Wittman (R-VA-01). A companion bill in the U.S. Senate is led by U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Mike Braun (R-IN). 

Please go to the IHMM Legislative Action Center here > https://ihmm.org/45-in-5-task-force/   See the form to support the “Freedom To Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act.” and then enter your contact information to send a prepared message to your members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate encouraging them all to co-sponsor the “Freedom To Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act.”

Tens of thousands of our voices from around the nation will get this done.

2021 National Safety Stand-Down for Fall Prevention

In advance of the 8th annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction (May 3-7, 2021), we wanted to alert you to the following new tools and resources to assist workplaces in participating in the Stand-Down:

  • Official Stand-Down Kickoff: Monday May 3rd 1 PM EST virtual webinar featuring:
    • James Frederick, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, OSHA
    • Scott Ketcham, Director, OSHA’s Directorate of Construction
    • Dr. John Howard, Director, NIOSH, and Administrator of the World Trade Center Health Program, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    • G. Scott Earnest, PhD, PE, CSP, Acting Director for the Office of Construction Safety and Health, NIOSH
    • Chris Cain, CIH, CPWR Executive Director
    • Register here
  • Drop-in banner: The attached banner is about the Fall Stand-Down can be adapted for use in raising awareness about the Fall Stand-Down in newsletters, e-mail blasts, and even social media.
  • Stand-Down Events: Stand-Down events and trainings that are free and open to the public are now being added to the Events section of the Stand-Down webpage. Find an event near you, or, if you plan to host a free event that is open to the public, submit the event details or contact your Regional Stand-Down Coordinator.
  • Resources:
    • CPWR Generic Fall Protection Plan template available in English and Spanish
    • Order your 2021 Stand-Down hard-hat stickers and fall-related hazard alert here
    • 2021 Infographics
    • Include Stand-Down hashtags! #StandDown4Safety #StopFalls #Construction
    • 2021 OSHA Fall Stand Down Poster here (Spanish), which are also attached for your convenience
  • List of Stand-Down resources (attached)

As a reminder, anyone who wants to prevent hazards in the workplace can participate in the Stand-Down. OSHA is encouraging organizations to host virtual Stand-Downs events or events for small groups that follow CDC guidelines on social/physical distancing and the use of face coverings. Companies can conduct a Safety Stand-Down by taking a break to have a toolbox talk or another safety activity such as conducting safety equipment inspections, developing rescue plans, or discussing job specific hazards. See Suggestions to Prepare for a Successful “Stand-Down” and Highlights from the Past Stand-Downs.

OSHA – Extension of Comment Period for Hazard Communication Standard Proposal to May 19

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a notice extending the public comment period on the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to modify the Hazard Communications Standard by 30 days.  The comment period for the proposed rule, published in the Federal Register on February 16, 2021, has been extended to May 19, 2021. Comments on the NPRM (including requests for hearing) and other information must be submitted by May 19, 2021.

Individuals may submit comments identified by Docket No. OSHA-2019-0001, electronically at http://www.regulations.gov, which is the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal.

Read more > https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/04/12/2021-07408/hazard-communication-standard

The US government will pay you up to $500,000 to design a less annoying face mask

If you think you might have an idea for a better mask that more people might want to wear, the US government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) has announced a competition to design “the next generation of masks” — with a potential $500,000 total prize waiting for the winners.

Join the Mask Innovation Challenge > https://www.challenge.gov/challenge/mask-innovation-challenge/ 


Register With Confidence in 2021
We understand that the future is uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so all registrations will be fully refundable for any reason until October 15, 2021. Register with confidence knowing that if your plans change, you’re fully covered.  Register here

Safety professionals are invited to submit proposals to speak at this year’s Safety Leadership Conference in Cleveland, Nov. 9-11

Safe + Sound Week – August 9-15, 2021

Announcing Safe + Sound Week 2021

Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide event held each August that recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety programs and offers information and ideas on how to keep America’s workers safe.

Why Participate?
Successful safety and health programs can proactively identify and manage workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness, improving sustainability and the bottom line. Participating in Safe + Sound Week can help get your program started, energize an existing one, or provide a chance to recognize your safety successes.

Who Participates?
All organizations looking for an opportunity to recognize their commitment to safety are welcome to participate. Last year, more than 3,400 businesses helped to raise awareness about workers’ health and safety! Registration opens in July.

Check out our event archive for information on previous years’ engagement.

SafetyFOCUS Events Are Now Virtual

Due to the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic and its cascading effects on safety and health, work, travel, and large gatherings, all SafetyFOCUS events are now virtual. Our hope is that this format will make SafetyFOCUS events more accessible while offering the same networking opportunities and high-quality education you expect from ASSP. IHMM is a member of ASSP and we are pleased to send all IHMM certificants and you may learn more here https://safetyfocus.assp.org/

Safe + Sound Week slated for Aug. 9-15

Safety and Health This Week
Latest Safety Tips
Latest Workplace Solutions

IHMM & AHMP 45 in 5 – National Credential Recognition – Puerto Rico Added

In 2019 Mark Bruce from AHMP and Gene Guilford from IHMM worked on a project to get the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to recognize the CHMM and CDGT credentials. With Mark’s work on the ground in  Pennsylvania, we succeeded.

IHMM is pleased to announce that Erik Vega, CSHM, of the Puerto Rico Department of Labor, has become the 44th volunteer for the 45 in 5 project with a focus on Puerto Rico. We thank Erik for his willingness to contribute to and lead this effort in Puerto Rico on behalf of our CSHM and other credentials.  Erik has identified government agencies and universities for us to work with. Thank you!

The Task Force webpage is here > https://ihmm.org/45-in-5-task-force/

The Task Force meets again in May.


HMS Donations
One of the most important projects of the Hazardous Materials Society is our Scholarship program.

HMS wants to make it as easy as possible for those who cannot always afford to participate in pursuing certification, or keeping up with professional development, or attending great conferences and receiving outstanding training. HMS does not solicit contributions from the general public. HMS does ask IHMM’s certificants and their companies and our education and training vendors to consider a contribution.

Here, through your generosity, you can make a difference in promoting the ability of those who can afford it least to become participants in our communities of practice.

It’s never too late to make a difference, so don’t let this opportunity to make a difference pass you by. Please consider a tax-deductible donation of $250, $500 or what you can to help build HMS’s effort to help others in our communities of practice.

HMS Education and Training

Hazardous Materials Society now has 14,912 education and training programs on its website https://hazmatsociety.org/education-training/ with more coming every week. Certificants will note that most of these programs carry a CMP value, making it easier to know in advance what to expect. The HMS Education and Training platform also provides a wide variety of courses for professional development across all of IHMM’s credentials – and more are being developed by the HMS Education and Training Committee.

This is the center of education and training for IHMM certificants and prospective certificants. Among these more than 15.000 programs are webinars delivered online and virtually all carry IHMM CMPs values with them for your annual / 5-year CMP planning. SEE: https://hazmatsociety.org/education-training/

HMS Affinity Programs – CINTAS Uniforms

With more than 27,000 people – here is where HMS leverages our numbers for member’s benefit. There is strength and value in numbers and that translates into lower costs for you.

Save up to 65% off Cintas uniforms, safety and facility services.

Keep your team and workspace looking their best. New Cintas contracts enjoy special discounts and a free one-time UltraClean service and free installation of hygiene dispensers. Enroll with NPP today and save on Cintas!

Enroll your business for FREE with NPP to learn more about Cintas discounts. Enroll with NPP here: https://mynpp.com/association/hms/

IHMM/HMS Coronavirus Resources

In February of 2020, the World Health Organization’s director-general has declared a public health emergency of international concern over the ongoing outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus. On March 13, 2020 President Trump declared a national emergency for the United States. IHMM and HMS’ first concern is with the safety and health of all of us; our staff and families, colleagues, certificants and members. We will update this page regularly as credible, authoritative information is available.


State Vaccination Distribution Plans

New! Vaccine Data Dashboard. We now have a specific dashboard dedicated to state vaccination plans, updated daily. For each state, you’ll find:

  • Current distribution phase,
  • Brief overview of state plan,
  • Current and future eligible populations, and
  • Links to state documentation.

HMS Jobs Board

We invite our participating companies to post their available employment opportunities here. There is no charge for this service. HMS staff reviews each proposed posting for clarity and completeness before posting to the public view and may remove a posting without notice.

  • Senior Environmental Scientist-ESC-Sacramento

PG&E, Sacramento, CA. Safety, Health, and Environment, Standards and Programs group is committed to full environmental compliance and establishing our position as an environmental leader to support the companies’ vision to become the leading utility in the United States. We are undertaking numerous initiatives to put our environmental values to work – while at the same time delighting our customers, energizing our employees and rewarding our shareholders.

  • Environmental Protection Specialist

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston University of Texas Medical Branch

Galveston, Texas U.S.

    • Full Time
  • Dangerous Goods Expert
    ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization Achieve the sustainable growth of the global civil aviation
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Member Benefits of Hazardous Materials Society

81% of IHMM certificants are aware of the Hazardous Materials Society, which we appreciate. IHMM established the Hazardous Materials Society in order to support and provide services to IHMM certificants.

Did You Know?
Your company’s membership dues for Associate Membership in the Hazardous Materials Society (HMS) are 100% tax-deductible and your participation directly supports scholarship and education/training opportunities for professionals working in hazmat and EHS. Joining as an Associate Member expresses your commitment and your company’s leadership in giving back to our professional community. Join today to claim your tax deduction for the 2020 tax year while expressing your company’s professional affiliation and accessing tools for your marketing and business development plans.

To learn more about what HMS is doing now and what they are planning for the future, please see the new Member Benefits page here.

A Collaborative Culture

There are 390 different conversations going on in the IHMM/HMS Collaboration platform this week. A collaborative culture is important for every business but is especially important for our hazardous materials, dangerous goods, environment, health, and safety communities of practice. IHMM credentialed professionals are at the top 1% of their professions and their reach is global. We are at the forefront of environmental protection, health, and safety and this is where collaborating with the best people in their fields, always willing to help one another, lessens the stress of our jobs, and where we strive as a team to make a difference of which we are proud.

We opened COLLABORATION to enable thousands of certificants and supporters to collaborate together. You can collaborate here> https://community.ihmm.org/home

Retiring? IHMM Invites You to Become an Emeritus

You may have decided, after a long and successful career, to retire from active daily duty. Congratulations. That doesn’t mean you have to completely disengage from your profession. IHMM is pleased to offer Emeritus status to all certificants who will no longer be actively engaged in their communities of practice but who still want to stay in touch. Please let us know when you’re approaching that decision and we will assist you in the credential transition. Please contact Jim Drosdak at [email protected] and he’ll be happy to help you.

Columbia Southern University

The Hazardous Materials Society [HMS] is a partner of Columbia Southern University. Columbia Southern University is an online university based in Orange Beach, Alabama, that strives to change and improve lives through higher education by enabling students to maximize their professional and personal potential.

A subsidiary of Columbia Southern Education Group, CSU offers online degree programs at the associate, bachelor, master, doctorate or certificate levels in a multitude of areas such as occupational safety and health, fire administration, criminal justice, business administration, human resource management, health care administration and more. CSU also features undergraduate and graduate certificate programs to provide focused training in specialized areas for adult learners.

Click on the CSU graphic at left and learn more about the professional development and degree program opportunities at CSU.


IHMM will attend and support a number of conferences and trade shows throughout 2021, virtually as well as in-person as COVID issues allow. Below are some of the conferences IHMM will support in 2021.

Are there conferences you believe IHMM should attend that do not appear here? If so, let us know! Sent an email to Diane McLevy at [email protected] and tell us what conferences we should attend.

COSTHA 2021 Annual Forum

April 2021

Greenville, South Carolina

This event is expected to be run entirely virtually.

AHMP 2021 National Conference

July 25-28, 2021
Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center
Kansas City, Missouri

More information here.

College & University Hazardous Materials Management Conference

August 7-12, 2021

Denver, Colorado

This conference is currently planned as being in-person.

ASSP Safety21 Conference & Expo

September 13-15, 2021

Austin, Texas

This is a hybrid conference of both virtual and in-person events

This conference is currently planned as being in-person.


IHMM is a member of the National Professional Certification Coalition

The Professional Certification Coalition [PCC] is a national organization made up of certification bodies whose shared interests surround the protection of private credentials from the encroachment of government. Here are the priority areas of focus for IHMM and the PCC as of  March.

Beltway Buzz – Ogletree & Deakins

Infrastructure Plan Scuttlebutt. With Congress not returning to Washington, D.C., until next week, the White House’s American Jobs Plan proposal is still driving much of the political discussion in town this week. Of course, we still do not know what might be contained in an actual infrastructure bill, though we received a few clues this week regarding both process and substance surrounding the proposal.

  • Reconciliation an option for Dems. This week, Democrats indicated that the Senate parliamentarian had given them the green light to further use the budget reconciliation process to pass legislation with a majority of votes, thus avoiding a filibuster that requires 60 votes to overcome. Traditionally, use of the budget reconciliation process has been limited to once per fiscal year (which roughly translates to twice per calendar year because the fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30). Congressional Democrats used budget reconciliation to pass the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The Senate parliamentarian’s ruling (which has not been released publicly) might allow Democrats to use reconciliation two more times before the calendar year is up.
  • Manchin stands by the filibuster. The use of reconciliation to move an eventual infrastructure package is crucial for Democrats because Senate Republicans—who are not supportive of the infrastructure proposal at this time—can use the legislative filibuster to block the bill. This week, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) offered further support for the filibuster in an opinion piece in which he wrote:

“That is why I have said it before and will say it again to remove any shred of doubt: There is no circumstance in which I will vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster. The time has come to end these political games, and to usher a new era of bipartisanship where we find common ground on the major policy debates facing our nation.”

  • Dems’ House majority narrows. Passing legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives isn’t getting any easier for Democrats either. The margin between the parties in the House continues to narrow. When the House returns next week, there will be 218 Democrats and 212 Republicans. Since passage of the ARPA, Marcia Fudge (D-OH) resigned to be secretary of housing and urban development, Deb Haaland (D-NM) resigned to become secretary of the interior, and Alcee Hastings (D-FL) passed away. This means that Democrats can afford to lose only two votes in order to pass legislation, which could present a challenge for the passage of the expansive infrastructure proposal.
  • Paid leave included? The White House’s infrastructure framework discusses the “care economy,” and this week Richard Neal (D-MA), chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means, told his colleagues in a letter that the “caring infrastructure” includes paid leave: “We will give every worker the right to paid family and medical leave,” he wrote, “whether it’s because they’ve just welcomed a new child into their family, they have a loved one in need of care, or they are dealing with their own medical issue.” At this stage of the process, we do not have any details on the contours of such leave provisions or whether they would survive the legislative process.

Hurry up and Wait. For months, worker advocates and Democrats have been calling on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to issue an emergency temporary standard (ETS) to protect workers from COVID-19. On January 21, 2021, President Joe Biden doubled down on these demands when he issued an executive order instructing OSHA to consider issuing an ETS by March 15, 2021. Now, about one month after that deadline, an ETS is still on the drawing board. Moreover, it was reported this week that Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh has pulled back the draft ETS for further review. With vaccinations increasing daily, it may be harder for the administration to justify issuing the ETS.

DOL Issues COBRA Guidance. On April 7, 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) published answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help stakeholders understand and implement the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) premium subsidy provisions contained in the ARPA. Those provisions require employers to pay 100 percent of the COBRA premium costs for eligible individuals who have been laid off, furloughed, or had their hours reduced. (Employers can recover these costs through credits against their Medicare taxes.) The FAQs address eligibility, applications for premium assistance, and details of the notice requirements, among other matters. Additionally, EBSA published model notices related to the subsidy requirements.

DOL Relaunches Persuader Reporting Program. This week, the DOL’s Office of Labor-Management Standards announced the relaunch of its Persuader Reporting Orientation Program. The program, which was in effect during the Obama administration, is intended to “inform employers and their representatives about potential reporting obligations under the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act.” The program does not change reporting requirements or set forth any new obligations for employers. However, the program’s relaunch could serve as an indicator of the administration’s potential desire to regulate in this space.

Legislators Move to Rescind Trump-Era Regulations. April 4, 2021, was the deadline for federal legislators to introduce resolutions of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), which generally allows Congress to rescind “midnight” regulations by majority votes in each chamber. The Buzz has discussed the resolution to rescind the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s regulation that injects transparency into the conciliation process. In addition, five other resolutions have been introduced to rescind regulations promulgated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Social Security Administration. If a rule is rescinded pursuant to the CRA, an agency cannot issue a rule that is “substantially the same” unless authorized by Congress.



DateEventEvent ProducerLocation
DailyCE 1102- Industrial Hygiene for Safety Professionals (online) Columbia Southern University


DailyCE 1105: Maritime Hazardous Materials Inventory Columbia Southern University


DailyCE 1106: Coronavirus Facts: Understanding the CoronavirusColumbia Southern University


DailyCE 1107: Coronavirus Prevention & Control: Strategies for EmployeesColumbia Southern University


Daily CE 1108: Coronavirus Prevention: Strategies for ManagersColumbia Southern University


Daily CE 1109: Coronavirus Prevention & Control: Train the TrainerColumbia Southern University


DailyHazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness Online Training Course CHEMTREC


Daily49 CFR Ground Shipper Lion


DailyIATA Dangerous Goods Training for Operations Personnel DGI


DailyShipping Fully Regulated and Excepted Lithium Batteries and Cells Online TrainingChemtrec


DailyHealthy Buildings Amid COVID-19Golder Associates


DailyAir Transport of Radioactive Materials (IATA/DOT) Online TrainingEnergy Solutions


DailyDOT/NRC Radioactive Waste Packaging, Transportation and Disposal Online TrainingEnergy Solutions


DailyGET THE DIRT ON EXCESS SOIL Navigating Ontario’s Finalized RegulationsGolder Associates


DailyDOT NON-Bulk Training Compliance Associates


DailyOnline IATA Dangerous Goods Training Compliance Associates


DailyWebinar IATA Dangerous Goods Training Compliance Associates


DailyWebinar DOT Bulk Tank Truck Training Compliance Associates


DailyOnsite DOT Bulk Tank Truck Training Compliance Associates


DailyOnline DOT Bulk Railcar TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyHazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness Online Training Course CHEMTREC


DailyOSHA 30 Construction (Online) ClickSafety


DailyHAZWOPER 2020 Refresher (Online) ClickSafety


DailyHAZWOPER 40-Hour All Industries (Online) ClickSafety


DailyHAZWOPER 24-Hour All Industries (Online) ClickSafety


DailyHazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness Online Training Course Chemtrec


DailyIATA Dangerous Goods Online Training for Operations Chemtrec


Daily8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Course Hazmat School


DailyDOT Hazmat Employee with Packaging Course Hazmat School


DailyRCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Online Training Course Hazmat School


DailyOSHA Asbestos Awareness TrainingHazmat School


Daily49 CFR TrainingChemtrec


DailyASP®-CSP® Online ReviewBowen


DailyIATA Dangerous Goods Online Training for Operations PersonnelChemtrec


DailyCHMM Online Review Bowen


DailyCOVID 19: Sampling Approaches for Healthy Buildings – Virtual Live Panel Golder Associates


DailyOnsite Lithium Battery TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyOnsite ADR TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyWebinar ADR TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyWebinar TDG TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyOSHA Confined Space Operations TrainingHazmat School


DailyEmergency Management, Laser Safety FundamentalsBowen EHS




DailyCSHM Exam Prep CourseVubiz


April 20, 2021DOT Hazardous Materials TransportationPTP


April 22, 2021IATA Transportation of Dangerous Goods by AirPTP


April 23, 2021IMO-IMDG TrainingPTP


April 23, 2021IMO-IMDG TrainingPTP


April 26-28, 202124 Hour OSHA HAZWOPERPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

April 26-29, 202140 Hour OSHA HAZWOPERPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

April 28, 20218 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER RefresherPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

April 28, 20218 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER RefresherPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

May 6, 2021Incident Commander TrainingPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

May 10-12, 2021Essentials of Hazardous Materials ManagementRocky Mountain Chapter/AHMP


May 18, 2021DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation TrainingPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

May 21, 2021IATA Transportation of Dangerous Goods By Air – Online with InstructorPTP


May 24-26, 202124 Hour Hazmat Technician TrainingPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

May 24-27, 202140 Hour OSHA Hazwoper TrainingPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

May 26, 2021COVID-19 Protection in the WorkplaceBowen


June 15, 2021DOT Hazardous Materials TrainingPTP


June 17, 2021IATA Transportation of Dangerous Goods By Air – Online with InstructorPTP


June 18, 2021IMO / IMDG TrainingPTP


August 17-19, 2021PHMSA HMIT Grant DOT Hazmat Basic Awareness TrainingHMS

Rockville, MD

August 24-26, 2021PHMSA HMIT Grant DOT Hazmat Advanced Awareness TrainingHMS

Rockville, MD

Sept 14-16, 2021PHMSA HMIT Grant DOT Hazmat Advanced Awareness TrainingHMS

Rockville, MD

Sept 21-23, 2021PHMSA HMIT Grant DOT Hazmat Basic Awareness TrainingHMS

Rockville, MD

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