Charter: The 45 In 5 Task Force is assigned the responsibility to attract IHMM and AHMP volunteers in the various states to encourage states to formally recognize IHMM credentials.


Mark Bruce AHMP
LeRoy Demarest Delaware
Cheryl Stith California
Jerome Fields Washington
Matt Pope Texas
Mike Whitehead Texas
Jason Schmerer Florida
Gary Johnson Ohio
Robert Wilkinson Tennessee
Cole Thornton Alabama
Paola Njandja Maryland
Mike Schultz Virginia
Jessica Morrison Massachusetts
Marlin Debramaletta South Carolina
Philip Simon Kansas
Jeff Romine Georgia
Patrick Hardy California
Samuel Fisher Missouri
Tony Uliano Washington
Sean Strong Colorado
Willis Butler Tennessee
Michelle Penn Florida
William Diesslin Iowa
Karen Trimberger North Carolina
Bryan Malseed Maryland
Ineke Abunwass Georgia
Kenneth Osborne Virginia
Brad Jones Texas
Melissa A. Hamer-Bailey Indiana
Steven Tharp Ohio
Mary Duda Nebraska
Steven Ross Nevada
Tim Manchester Texas
Andrew M. Popovics IV Missouri
Candice Smith Oklahoma
Luke von Oldenburg Georgia
Allyson Mari Clark California
Jonathan Mikiska Missouri
Chris Leney Texas
Paul Melillo Indiana
Timothy Stirrup New Mexico
Michelle Young West Virginia
Jack E. Leonard Indiana
Eric Vega Puerto Rico

IHMM & AHMP Launch 45 in 5 – National Credential Recognition

In 2019 Mark Bruce from AHMP and Gene Guilford from IHMM worked on a project to get the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to recognize the CHMM and CDGT credentials. With Mark’s work on the ground in  Pennsylvania, we succeeded. We have already succeeded in 6 states – New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Indiana, California, and Nebraska.

Since the launch, we have added Delaware, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Kansas, South Carolina, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, and West Virginia as the next states to work on.

  • The State of Colorado recognizes the CHMM as a Health & Safety Officer under Department of Transportation contracts, as well as for certifications under 40 CFR Part 261 Subparts C and D, and for compliance under CERCLA, Section 101 [14], as amended. Colorado is the 7th state government to have recognized the CHMM. This is a part of the IHMM-AHMP 45 in 5 Program to secure recognition by governments around the country.

Now Mark at AHMP and Gene at IHMM has launched 45 in 5, getting the other 45 states to recognize our credentials in 5 years. If we can find a volunteer like Mark in 45 other states we can work with those volunteers on crafting the right message to the right agencies in state governments across the country. If we find enough volunteers we can get this done in less than 5 years.

Here’s what we ask each volunteer to do:

  • Take a template letter we write and send it to the right people at the right agencies of state governments
  • IHMM & AHMP will identify the agencies and the people to contact
  • Follow up after sending the letter
  • IHMM will engage all of our certificants and AHMP will engage all of its members in each state to communicate with the agencies in support of the recognition
Let’s get the rest of the country on board. Volunteer using this form: AHMP/IHMM 45 in 5 Project