Charter:  The Finance Committee shall be responsible for oversight of IHMM’s financial assets and resources. It’s duties include: long-range financial planning, developing budgets in consultation with the executive director, ensuring that reports of receipts, disbursements, assets and liabilities are prepared, at least on a semi-annual basis, and made available to the board of directors, and to other interested parties on a need-to-know basis, and ensuring that an annual financial audit is conducted by a Certified Public Accountant in accordance with approved professional practices.

June Brock-Carroll, CHMP Treasurer Clemson, SC 12/31/2021, 2nd term
Andrea P. Schuessler, CHMM Member Frederick, MD 12/31/2021, 1st term
Denny L. Carlson, CHMM Member Pensacola, FL 12/31/2021, 2nd term
Jan G. Rosenberg Member Las Vegas, NV 12/31/2021, 1st term