Charter: The responsibility of the Artificial Intelligence [AI] Oversight Committee, comprised of AI experts, SMEs, ethicists, and legal advisors, to oversee the ethical and responsible use of AI in credentialing. The committee will ensure adherence to this policy, ethical norms, accreditation standards, and legal requirements. This committee may report to the Board from time to time, and members serve any number of 2-year terms.

Melissa K. Hamer, CHMMMemberIndianapolis, IN2/22/2024, 1st term
Josephine Histand Martin, CHMM, CPPSMemberSouderton, PA2/22/2024, 1st term
Dr. John H. Bridges, III, CHMMMemberStafford, VA2/22/2024, 1st term
Bart S. Miller, CHMM, CPPSMemberAntioch, CA2/22/2024, 1st term