Charter: The CHMM Exam committee shall consist of subject matter experts whose responsibility shall be to develop and maintain valid, legally defensible, and credible certification examinations following the latest approved policies and procedures; such policies and procedures shall be based upon professionally recognized psychometric principles and on the standards of the accreditation body(ies) by which IHMM is accredited or recognized.  Chair and Members shall serve an unrestricted number of renewable two-year terms.

Brendan G. DeyoChairWashington, DC12/31/2022, 2nd term
Dorian BaileyMemberJersey City, NJ6/30/2024, 1st term
David L. ClampittMemberBloomsbury, NJ12/31/2022, 2nd term
E. Andrew KappMemberElkhorn, WI12/31/2022, 2nd term
Louis MartinoMemberWashington DC6/30/2024, 1st term
Sandra MuszynskiMemberGoodrich, MI5/30/2024, 2nd term
George ParthmerMemberCosta Mesa, CA6/30/2023, 2nd term
Jon A. StensethMemberMinneapolis, MN6/30/2023, 2nd term