Charter: The IHMM Scholarship Committee will establish and create procedures necessary to carry out an IHMM scholarship program that is best focused on limiting eligibility to students who are in good academic standing in degree programs currently recognized by the IHMM as approved partner schools. The most logical students to be eligible for such IHMM scholarships would be those students who are in good standing as either a Student CHMM or a Student ASHM (proposed new IHMM designation).

Pinkie Wood, CSHMChair2021-2023, 1st term
Jan Rosenberg, CSHM2021-2023, 1st term
Robin Spencer, CHMM2021-2023, 1st term
Sarath Seneviratne, CHMM2021-2023, 1st term
Emily Lucas, CSHM2021-2023, 1st term