Charter: To investigate the potential of creating an IHMM credential for sustainability and make any recommendations toward that end to the IHMM Board of Directors.

Environmental: The environmental criterion considers how companies use energy and manage their environmental impact as stewards of the planet. The “E” considers how a company uses resources across the board – Scope 1 to Scope 3. Factors considered are energy efficiency, climate change, carbon emissions, biodiversity, air and water quality, deforestation, and waste management. Companies that do not consider these environmental risks may face unforeseen financial risks and investor scrutiny.

Social: The social criterion examines how a company fosters its people and culture, and how that has ripple effects on the broader community. Factors considered are inclusivity, gender, and diversity, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, data protection, privacy, community relations, human rights, labor standards.

Governance: Governance considers a company’s internal system of controls, practices, and procedures, how an organization stays ahead of violations. It ensures transparency and industry best practices and includes dialogue with regulators. Factors considered are the company’s leadership, board composition, executive compensation, audit committee structure, internal controls, shareholder rights, bribery and corruption, lobbying, political contributions, and whistleblower programs.

Mark Bruce, CHMM, CSHMChair10/2021-10/2024 1st term
Matt Redmann, CHMM10/2021-10/2024 1st term
Donna Switzer, CHMM10/2021-10/2024 1st term
Tanis Marquette, CHMM10/2021-10/2024 1st term
Brian Prince, CHMM10/2021-10/2024 1st term
Josephine Martin, CHMM3/1/2023-3/1/2026, 1st term
Bart Miller, CHMM3/1/2023-3/1/2026, 1st term
LeRoy Demarest, CHMM3/1/2023-3/1/2026, 1st term