Charter: The IHMM ASHM Committee shall serve as the committee of the Institute that has the following responsibilities:

  1. Creates and publishes the standards by which a college graduate becomes eligible for the credential.
  2. Creates and publishes the standards by which an undergraduate school may become a part of the ASHM program.
  3. Educates – Proactively works with undergraduate schools to distribute IHMM information to undergraduate schools to attract and retain student applicants for the ASHM credential.
  4. Works with the staff to create communications media highlighting the value of the ASHM credential.
  5. Works with the CSHM committee for the purpose of aligning the ASHM credential as one pathway to achieving the CSHM credential.
Jan G. RosenbergChairLas Vegas, NV12/31/2022, 1st term
Richard K. FriesnerMemberLowell, MA12/31/2022, 1st term
Pallavi MukerjeeMemberOlympia, WA12/31/2022, 1st term
Gordon ReynoldsMemberLoganville, GA12/31/2022, 1st term
Shawn St.PeterMemberGig Harbor, WA12/31/2022, 1st term
Warren BrownMemberFairborn, OH12/31/2022, 1st term
Vincent GravesMemberFayetteville, GA12/31/2022, 1st term