Charter: To explore and recommend microcredentials in the areas of greatest interest and demand from IHMM certificants, and then construct the elements of how credential holders could apply and test to achieve the microcredentials to add to their broader credential.

Members:CredentialTermColumn 4
Bart MillerCHMM10/28/2024, 2nd termChair
Dr. John H. Bridges, IIICHMM4/15/2025, 1st term
LeRoy DemarestCHMM10/28/2024, 2nd term
Carl HeinleinCSHM4/16/2025, 1st term
Josephine MartinCHMM 10/28/2024, 2nd term
Cheryl StithCHMM 10/28/2024, 2nd term
Christopher FulmerCHMM 10/28/2024, 2nd term