Charter: There shall be a Professional Standards Committee, whose responsibility shall be to monitor and administer compliance with the IHMM Codes of Ethics, and to receive and investigate charges of ethical violations or related issues in accordance with the latest approved policies and procedures. Members shall serve an unrestricted number of renewable two-year terms.

Dan Blankfeld, CSHM Chair Silver Spring, MD 6/26/2023, 1st term
Warren K. Brown, CSHM Vice-Chair Fairborn, OH 6/26/2023, 1st term
Stacey Silla, CHMM Member Ravenna, OH 12/31/2020, 2nd term
Keith Hawkins, CSHM Member Matthews, NC 6/5/2022, 1st term
Bradley Huber, CSHM Member Calgary, AB, Canada 6/5/2022, 1st term
Eric Steelman, CSHM Member Rural Hall, NC 6/5/2022, 1st term
Gayle Fratto, CSMP Member Shinnston, WV 6/5/2022, 1st term
Larry Riddle, CSHM Member Fort Myers, FL 6/5/2022, 1st term
Conrad Deveau, CSMP Member Mission Viejo, CA  6/5/2022, 1st term
Paul W. Studebaker, CHMM Member Lawrence, KS 12/31/2020, 2nd term
David Tucker, CSHM Member Gulf Breeze, FL 6/5/2022, 1st term
Debra Fisher, CSMP, CSHM Member Trotwood, OH 6/5/2022, 1st term
Matthew Rehlander, CSMP Member Concord, NC 6/5/2022, 1st term
Paul J. Roberts, CSHM Member Brighton, CO 6/5/2022, 1st term
Scott Peabody, CSMP Member Woodland, WA 6/5/2022, 1st term
Michael Bearak, CSHM Member Wilmington, NC 6/5/2022, 1st term