Charter: The CDGP Scheme Committee shall consist of subject matter experts whose responsibilities are twofold: To develop and maintain valid, legally defensible, and credible certification examinations in accordance with the latest approved policies and procedures;

and to recommend and maintain standards for recertification, to evaluate activities that may be claimed for recertification, and to hear appeals of recertification decisions, in accordance with the latest approved policies and procedures. Such policies and procedures shall be based upon professionally recognized psychometric principles and on the standards of the accreditation body(ies) by which IHMM is accredited or recognized.

Clifford Bartley Chair Phoenix, AZ 5/1/2021, 1st term
Kevin Arick Member Memphis, Tennessee 5/1/2021, 1st term
Michelle Baker Member Louisville, KY 5/1/2021, 1st term
James Henry Member Oakville, ON 5/1/2021, 1st term
Steven Charles Hunt Member Sisters, OR 5/1/2021, 1st term
Vivian Montgomery Member Memphis, TN 5/1/2021, 1st term
Tanya Rogers Member Carson, CA 5/1/2021, 1st term