Charter: The CHMM Recertification committee establishes and reviews the qualifying activities for certification maintenance points necessary to qualify for recertification. The committee also reviews the recertification process to ensure its continuing validity. Chair and Members shall serve an unrestricted number of renewable two-year terms.

Atanu K. Das Chair Skokie, IL 1/1/2022, 4th term
Mary (Molly) A. Newell Member Davenport, IA 1/1/2022, 4th term
Michael B. Maxwell Member Chicago, IL 1/1/2022, 4th term
Rebecca A. Tracy Member Bauxite, AR 1/1/2021, 2nd term
Steven C. Ross Member Las Vegas, NV 1/1/2022, 3rd term
G. Ray Cook Member Oklahoma City, OK 1/1/2022, 4th term
Stephen M. Petz Member Lawrenceville, GA 1/1/2022, 4th term
Renee J. Kwiat Member Ft. Myers, FL 1/1/2022, 4th term