Executive Director: Eugene A. Guilford, Jr., CAE,  (x4869). As Chief Executive Officer of IHMM Gene leads and supervises the daily operation of the Institute, its staff, and its strategic initiatives. Gene’s bio is here.

M. Patricia Buley, Director of Accreditation and Examinations

Director of Certification & AccreditationM. Patricia Buley, IOM, ICE-CCP (x4866). Conducts examination development activities; develops credentialing policies; maintains accreditation and internal best practices. Patricia’s bio is here.

Director of Marketing and Communications – Dominique Abney [x6459] Produces IHMM campaigns to market our credentials to varied channels, organizes and executes IHMM communications, guides revisions in IHMM’s website and electronic newsletters, ensures IHMM’s position on all matters reflecting on our credentials and advertising efforts. Read more about Dominique here.

Member Services Coordinator – Deanna Wroblewski [x4863] Produces EHS Professional and assists the Executive Director with the Microcredential Task Force, the Nominating Committee, the Professional Standards Committee, and the Sustainability Task Force

Office Manager, Finance Manager: Rosetta Wilson (x4862). Manages the IHMM office operations and runs the daily financial functions of the organization. Rosie’s bio is here.

Certification Coordinator : Jelian Larbi, PMP (x4875) Coordinates primarily recertification activities as well as certification guidance.

Recertification and Database ManagerJimmy Nguyen (x4861) Manages the organization’s database functions and coordinates certification and recertification activities. Jimmy’s bio is here.

Certification Manager – HazMat Applications and Examinations: Kortney P. Tunstall , PMP(x4864) Manages the applications and exams of potential certificants for the organization [CHMM, CHMP, CDGP, CDGT, Student CHMM]. Kortney’s bio is here.

Certification Coordinator – Health & Safety Certifications:  Kaylene Cagle (928-247-6458) Manages the applications and exams of potential certificants for health and safety certifications for the organization [CSMP, CSHM, ASHM, CSSS, CSSM, Student ASHM] Kaylene’s bio is here.

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