IHMM Remotely Proctored Exams Available Now

IHMM is pleased to announce that the American National Standards Institute [ANSI] has approved Kryterion Remotely Proctored Exams for IHMM’s CHMM, CHMP, and CDGP exams. IHMM has been using the Kryterion Remotely Proctored Exams for the CSHM and CSMP exams since April of this year.

About 60% of Kryterion in-person testing centers have reopened. If you prefer the comfort and convenience of taking your exam from your home or office instead of at a Kryterion center, IHMM is ready to enroll you in a remotely proctored examination.

Please contact either Kortney Tunstall at [email protected] for the CHMM, CHMP, or CDGP exams or Kaylene Cagle at [email protected] for the CSHM or CSMP exams.

Phone: 301-984-8969 | [email protected]

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Debra Fisher, CSHM, CSMP, Honored With The
IHMM Excellence in EHS Management Award

[Rockville, MD] Each year the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management holds an open competition to select one person of outstanding character, ability, and achievement to receive recognition with its Excellence in EHS Management Award.

For 2020, IHMM is very pleased to announce its winner of the Excellence in EHS Management Award is Debra Fisher of Trotwood, Ohio, Health and Safety Coordinator at IUE-CWA, the Industrial Division of the Communication Workers of America, representing over 50,000 manufacturing and industrial workers across the United States. Debra is credentialed as a Certified Safety and Health Manager [CSHM®] and a Certified Safety Management Practitioner [CSMP®] with IHMM.

Debra as a Special Emergency Response Team member has deployed to multiple hurricanes, tornadoes, spills, and industrial accidents. Debra has developed and implemented new safety training to help workers recognize hazards. She has demonstrated new approaches by her national training curriculum and written guide for in-coming workers to work on safety committees and investigate incidents.

Debra collaborated with the local university to provide a 40-foot climbing tower where both students and workers now learn safe climbing techniques. This is a perfect example of how Debra engages diverse groups to maximize their learning experience and is part of her legacy. Debra also serves as the Chapter President for the Kitty Hawk Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). She has worked tirelessly as chapter leadership in various positions since 2015 while promoting EHS initiatives in the Mimi Valley region. She hosted subject matter experts and facility tours to increase awareness on EHS topics. Her efforts were rewarded as she helped the chapter earn the ASSP Platinum Award (first).

IHMM is honored to have Debra Fisher as a CSHM and CSMP and congratulates her on winning the IHMM Excellence in EHS Management Award for 2020. “She has proven that engaged workers can provide the greatest value to safety solutions because they are the most familiar with the work being performed.”

IHMM & AHMP Launch 45 in 5 – National Credential Recognition – 21 States Targeted

On January 25th, we began outlining the strategy to go after the 21 states in yellow, above.

This is just the beginning. Here is the present composition of the 45 In 5 Task Force and the states we are focusing on. More people may volunteer anytime!  https://ihmm.org/45-in-5-task-force/

  • The State of Nebraska under 178 NAC Chapter 24 of the Department of Health and Human Services regulations recognizes the CHMM as eligible for remediation services. Thank you, Mary Duda.

In 2019 Mark Bruce from AHMP and Gene Guilford from IHMM worked on a project to get the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to recognize the CHMM and CDGT credentials. With Mark’s work on the ground in  Pennsylvania, we succeeded.

Since the launch, we have added Delaware, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and New Mexico as the next states for us to work on with 42 volunteers.

Now Mark at AHMP and Gene at IHMM has launched 45 in 5, getting the other 45 states to recognize our credentials in 5 years. If we can find a volunteer like Mark in 45 other states we can work with those volunteers on crafting the right message to the right agencies in state governments across the country. If we find enough volunteers we can get this done in less than 5 years.

The Task Force meets again on March 2nd and here are some near-term objectives…
  • New Jersey LSRP program and CHMM credit toward prerequisites
  • California state agencies require a CHMM as a prerequisite
  • Colorado DOT requires a CHMM for some projects
  • Florida state legislature
  • 40 CFR § 312.10 – Definitions, initiating a federal rulemaking
  • Washington State Dept of Ecology
  • Iowa Groundwater Professional

IHMM Certificant Recognition

Last week IHMM completed inserting new credential badges in every certificant’s MYIHMM account. Everyone may access those badges for use in their email signatures, LinkedIn accounts, and other social media and communications media.  With a link from your credential badge to the IHMM website [see above] you can not only stand out as an IHMM-certified professional, you can also promote IHMM credentials to others.

This week we thank our certificants again. Throughout our certificant’s MYIHMM accounts will be placed 10 Year, 20 Year, and 30 Year badges signifying their longevity as an IHMM certified professional.


Advancements in Elastomeric Respirator Technology for Use as Source Control
Posted on  by Rohan Fernando, M.S; Jeffrey Peterson; and Lee Portnoff, M.S
Photo courtesy of NIOSH NPPTL: Prototype design of filter adaptor developed by NIOSH

Respirator design is constantly improving and evolving to meet new challenges. Manufacturers have recently developed innovative NIOSH-approved elastomeric half-mask respirator (EHMR) designs that both protect the wearer as well as provide adequate source control – protecting others by filtering the wearer’s exhaled air that may contain harmful viruses or bacteria.

EHMRs are being used more widely in U.S. healthcare systems because they can be cleaned, disinfected, and reused. During times when there are shortages of the filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) typically worn in healthcare settings, EHMRs can help to meet this demand and alleviate the burden on the FFR supply. However, EHMRs traditionally have exhalation valves, which is a design feature that has caused concern about source control.

A respirator’s exhalation valve works by closing when the wearer inhales, pulling the inhaled breath through the filter material, and then opening to allow exhaled unfiltered breath to be expelled through the exhalation valve. This helps to reduce the overall breathing resistance, remove moisture, and reduce CO2 concentration and its effects, thereby increasing the user’s comfort, especially over a long period of time. A NIOSH-approved particulate respirator with an exhalation valve offers the same intended protection to the wearer as one without a valve. However, potential respiratory droplets expelled by wearers may exit along with air through the exhalation valve, which means that they may not provide efficient source control for use in certain healthcare settings, such as those requiring a sterile field. This limits how much traditional EHMRs with exhalation valves can be incorporated into healthcare systems to alleviate the supply shortage of FFRs.

Read more >> https://blogs.cdc.gov/niosh-science-blog/2021/03/01/elastomeric_source-control/

Building Climate Change Resilience Virtual Training

EPA’s Creating Resilient Water Utilities initiative is providing free virtual training sessions on its Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool (CREAT) for the Northeast climate region of the country. This training assists drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities in planning for and adapting to climate change threats with a focus on resilience building and infrastructure financing. The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, National Association of Clean Water Agencies, National Association of Water Companies, and NEIWPCC are helping to coordinate and co-sponsoring these events.

Training Objectives

• Conduct a risk assessment using CREAT;
• Identify and share information on adaptation strategies to build utility long-term resilience; and
• Share information on available resources for financing resilience and adaptation.

Upcoming Sessions
  • Session 2: March 4, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. E.T.
  • CREAT Modules 3 (Consequences and Assets) and 4 (Adaptation Planning)
  • Session 3: March 9, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. E.T.
  • CREAT Module 5 (Risk Assessment) and an overview of local financial resources utilities can apply for to fund adaptation measures
  • Session 4: March 23, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. E.T
  • A brief overview of previous information, then open agenda for attendees to ask questions about using CREAT, how to apply it to their circumstances, and how to seek funding for adaptation strategies. (Optional)

**Earn Continuing education units (CEUs) from select states **


HMS and Earning Certification Maintenance Points [CMPs]

IHMM created HMS, in large measure, so that IHMM certificants could have one, central place within which to find professional development courses in which to earn certification maintenance points. HMS courses cover all of IHMM’s 8 credentials, not only one.

We’ve made it easy to find CMPs.

  • Go to https://hazmatsociety.org/
  • Go to the Education and Training tab
  • Scroll down until you see these buttons…and click on the CMPs button

  • The system will produce a listing of the programs on the platform that have already been reviewed and given CMP ratings. You can find the programs suitable for you.

For example, one of the programs is from Columbia Southern University, offered online, has 36 CMPs attached, and is FREE. This is only one example. There are hundreds of programs on HMS.


HMS Donations

One of the most important projects of the Hazardous Materials Society is our Scholarship program.

HMS wants to make it as easy as possible for those who cannot always afford to participate in pursuing certification, or keeping up with professional development, or attending great conferences and receiving outstanding training. HMS does not solicit contributions from the general public. HMS does ask IHMM’s certificants and their companies and our education and training vendors to consider a contribution.

Here, through your generosity, you can make a difference in promoting the ability of those who can afford it least to become participants in our communities of practice.

It’s never too late to make a difference, so don’t let this opportunity to make a difference pass you by. Please consider a tax-deductible donation of $250, $500 or what you can to help build HMS’s effort to help others in our communities of practice.

HMS Education and Training

Hazardous Materials Society now has 14,918 education and training programs on its website https://hazmatsociety.org/education-training/ with more coming every week. Certificants will note that most of these programs carry a CMP value, making it easier to know in advance what to expect. The HMS Education and Training platform also provides a wide variety of courses for professional development across all of IHMM’s credentials – and more are being developed by the HMS Education and Training Committee.

This is the center of education and training for IHMM certificants and prospective certificants. Among these more than 15.000 programs are webinars delivered online and virtually all carry IHMM CMPs values with them for your annual / 5-year CMP planning. SEE: https://hazmatsociety.org/education-training/

HMS Affinity Programs –  RCM&D Professional Liability Insurance

With more than 27,000 people – here is where HMS leverages our numbers for member’s benefit. There is strength and value in numbers and that translates into lower costs for you.

HMS is proud to have partnered with RCM&D to be able to offer an outstanding comprehensive professional liability insurance program to IHMM certificants. Here, you will find information about this important program offering Environmental Consultants and Engineers Professional Liability coverage. This coverage is intended to add protection for loss stemming from actual or alleged negligent acts, errors and omissions in performing professional services.

IHMM/HMS Coronavirus Resources

In February of 2020, the World Health Organization’s director-general has declared a public health emergency of international concern over the ongoing outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus. On March 13, 2020 President Trump declared a national emergency for the United States. IHMM and HMS’ first concern is with the safety and health of all of us; our staff and families, colleagues, certificants and members. We will update this page regularly as credible, authoritative information is available.


State Vaccination Distribution Plans

New! Vaccine Data Dashboard. We now have a specific dashboard dedicated to state vaccination plans, updated daily. For each state, you’ll find:

  • Current distribution phase,
  • Brief overview of state plan,
  • Current and future eligible populations, and
  • Links to state documentation.

HMS Launches Jobs Board

We invite our participating companies to post their available employment opportunities here. There is no charge for this service. HMS staff reviews each proposed posting for clarity and completeness before posting to the public view and may remove a posting without notice.

Member Benefits of Hazardous Materials Society

81% of IHMM certificants are aware of the Hazardous Materials Society, which we appreciate. IHMM established the Hazardous Materials Society in order to support and provide services to IHMM certificants.

Did You Know?
Your company’s membership dues for Associate Membership in the Hazardous Materials Society (HMS) are 100% tax-deductible and your participation directly supports scholarship and education/training opportunities for professionals working in hazmat and EHS. Joining as an Associate Member expresses your commitment and your company’s leadership in giving back to our professional community. Join today to claim your tax deduction for the 2020 tax year while expressing your company’s professional affiliation and accessing tools for your marketing and business development plans.

To learn more about what HMS is doing now and what they are planning for the future, please see the new Member Benefits page here.

Product Showcase
Self-Paced, Top-Rated Online Hazmat Training
CHEMTREC, the world’s leader in hazmat emergency response, can help keep your company safe and compliant with our online hazmat training courses. Available training includes Hazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness, 49 CFR, IATA, Lithium Battery Shipping and more. Sign up today!

A Collaborative Culture

There are 349 different conversations going on in the IHMM/HMS Collaboration platform this week. A collaborative culture is important for every business but is especially important for our hazardous materials, dangerous goods, environment, health, and safety communities of practice. IHMM credentialed professionals are at the top 1% of their professions and their reach is global. We are at the forefront of environmental protection, health, and safety and this is where collaborating with the best people in their fields, always willing to help one another, lessens the stress of our jobs, and where we strive as a team to make a difference of which we are proud.

We opened COLLABORATION to enable thousands of certificants and supporters to collaborate together. You can collaborate here> https://community.ihmm.org/home

HSC can help you innovate!

Hazmat Safety Consulting, LLC can help you navigate the complexities around applying for special permits and approvals. We have helped our clients acquire precedent-setting permits and help them manage their renewals. With our experience working at the UN, we can also help with Competent Authority and international approvals.


Retiring? IHMM Invites You to Become an Emeritus

You may have decided, after a long and successful career, to retire from active daily duty. Congratulations. That doesn’t mean you have to completely disengage from your profession. IHMM is pleased to offer Emeritus status to all certificants who will no longer be actively engaged in their communities of practice but who still want to stay in touch. Please let us know when you’re approaching that decision and we will assist you in the credential transition. Please contact Jim Drosdak at [email protected] and he’ll be happy to help you.

Columbia Southern University

The Hazardous Materials Society [HMS] is a partner of Columbia Southern University. Columbia Southern University is an online university based in Orange Beach, Alabama, that strives to change and improve lives through higher education by enabling students to maximize their professional and personal potential.

A subsidiary of Columbia Southern Education Group, CSU offers online degree programs at the associate, bachelor, master, doctorate or certificate levels in a multitude of areas such as occupational safety and health, fire administration, criminal justice, business administration, human resource management, health care administration and more. CSU also features undergraduate and graduate certificate programs to provide focused training in specialized areas for adult learners.

Click on the CSU graphic at left and learn more about the professional development and degree program opportunities at CSU.


IHMM will attend and support a number of conferences and trade shows throughout 2021, virtually as well as in-person as COVID issues allow. Below are the first few conferences we have coming up early in 2021.

National Safety Council Congress & Expo, March 1-5, 2021

For more than 100 years, safety, health and environmental professionals have turned to this safety event for industry-leading technology, education, networking opportunities and the tried and true products and services needed to stay at the forefront and remain competitive within the industry. We are excited to offer the NSC Safety Congress & Expo virtually while also prioritizing the safety of stakeholders during this pandemic environment.

Until we can meet face-to-face, it’s a convenient and affordable way to deliver quality educational programs and safety solutions directly to you. It’s the perfect place to come together to share experiences, to learn new ways of doing business, and explore the innovations that will drive our industry to save lives, from the workplace to anyplace.

  • A community platform to network, share lessons learned and plans for the future
  • A live and on-demand education platform for safety teams around the world
  • A trade show just like an in person expo hall to see innovations and make connections to grow sales and profitability

The cumulative experiences and learning offered are the difference between making the journey to a safer workplace and arriving at the destination, helping safety professionals get to the finish line and achieve their goals. In the fast-changing workplace, we keep you ahead of the curve.

Mark your calendars, March 1-5, 2021!


Ohio Safety Congress & Expo 2021

March 10-11, 2021

This year we’re offering online learning sessions and a digital expo, allowing participants to learn remotely and chat virtually with presenters and exhibitors.

As always, attendance is FREE, and registration for the virtual event is OPEN NOW HERE

COSTHA 2021 Annual Forum

April 2021

Greenville, South Carolina

This event is expected to be run entirely virtually.


House of Representatives Passes COVID-19 Relief Legislation

The House of Representatives overnight Saturday passed President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, moving the president’s top legislative priority one step closer to passage: Providing direct relief to millions of Americans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The vote was 219-212. This version of the legislation included an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. With the Senate Parliamentarian having ruled that the minimum wage hike cannot be considered by the Senate in the COVID package under reconciliation rules, that portion of the legislation will be likely ruled out-of-order by the Senate. The Senate is expected to take up this legislation beginning later this week.

Beltway Buzz – Ogletree & Deakins

Minimum Wage Increase Booted From Stimulus Package. Even before members of the U.S. House of Representatives could vote on their $1.9 trillion stimulus package, the parliamentarian of the U.S. Senate had ruled that the provision in the package that increased the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour could not be included in any legislation that would pass the Senate. Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough found that the provision violated the rules of the budget reconciliation process, which Democrats have been using to advance the stimulus package, as the process bypasses the legislative filibuster and requires a spending bill to receive only 51 votes for passage in the Senate. For political reasons, the House is expected to keep the minimum wage provision in its version of the package anyway. Don’t expect Democrats to give up on increasing the minimum wage, however, as they will undoubtedly explore future legislative opportunities to address the issue. As for the stimulus package, it is expected to pass the House later today and then head to the Senate.

Equality Act Passes House. On February 25, 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Equality Act (H.R. 5) by a vote of 224 to 206, which included 3 Republican lawmakers who voted for the bill. Nonnie Shivers has all the details on the historic legislation that would codify sweeping protections for LGBTQ individuals. The next stop for the bill is, of course, the U.S. Senate, where its proponents will have to convince at least 10 Republicans to support the legislation—a tall order. However, because this bill is such a priority for congressional Democrats, it could present an interesting test case for how long they are willing to stick with the legislative filibuster.

Joint Employer. Again. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of the joint-employer policy debate. In this week’s episode, on February 23, 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Wage and Hour Division sent the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs a proposed rule titled “Joint Employer Status Under the Fair Labor Standards Act.” At this point, we don’t know whether the proposal will simply rescind the previous administration’s Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) joint-employer rule (which is currently tied up in litigation) or amend the current rule. When the proposal will be made available to the public for comment is similarly unknown. However, what we do know is that the Biden administration likely favors an interpretation of the FLSA joint-employer regulation that expands the universe of entities that can be considered employers of certain employees and therefore liable for wage and hour violations.

House Set to Vote on PRO Act. This week, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (whose first name is a spin on his Danish father’s first name, Steen, in case you were wondering) announced that the House of Representatives would vote on the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act sometime during the week of March 8, 2021. The PRO Act, a broad package of proposed pro-union changes to U.S. labor law, has 209 cosponsors, including 3 Republicans. The bill is expected to pass the House and face an uphill battle for passage in the Senate, as long as the legislative filibuster holds. The Buzz will be following this one closely.

President Biden Rescinds Visa Ban. On February 24, 2021, President Joe Biden revoked Proclamation 10014, issued in April 2020, which banned individuals from seeking entry to the United States on immigrant visas. The ban had been set to expire on March 31, 2021. In revoking the ban, President Biden reasoned that suspending the entry of immigrants into the United States “harms industries in the United States that utilize talent from around the world.” President Biden’s action does not affect an additional entry ban, issued in June 2020, which applies to H-1B, H-2B, J-1, and L-1 visa holders.

DOL Expands UI Eligibility. On February 25, 2021, the DOL’s Employment and Training Administration issued new guidance that expands the circumstances in which workers may be eligible to receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)—the CARES Act unemployment insurance (UI) program for workers who are not traditionally eligible for unemployment insurance (such as independent contractors). Pursuant to the guidance, which is retroactive to the beginning of the PUA program (with some limitations), PUA eligibility has been expanded to include three additional COVID-19–related situations and categories of workers: (1) individuals who refuse to return to work that is unsafe or to accept an offer of new work that is unsafe; (2) certain individuals providing services to educational institutions or educational service agencies; and (3) individuals experiencing reductions of work hours or temporary or permanent layoffs as a direct result of the pandemic.

CHEMTREC’s Online Hazmat Training Meets U.S. DOT Training Requirements!

CHEMTREC, the world’s leader in hazmat emergency response, can help keep your company safe and compliant with its self-paced online hazmat training courses. Available training includes 49 CFR, Hazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness, IATA, and Lithium Battery Shipping. Sign up today!



DateEventEvent ProducerLocation
DailyCE 1102- Industrial Hygiene for Safety Professionals (online) Columbia Southern University


DailyCE 1105: Maritime Hazardous Materials Inventory Columbia Southern University


DailyCE 1106: Coronavirus Facts: Understanding the CoronavirusColumbia Southern University


DailyCE 1107: Coronavirus Prevention & Control: Strategies for EmployeesColumbia Southern University


Daily CE 1108: Coronavirus Prevention: Strategies for ManagersColumbia Southern University


Daily CE 1109: Coronavirus Prevention & Control: Train the TrainerColumbia Southern University


DailyHazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness Online Training Course CHEMTREC


Daily49 CFR Ground Shipper Lion


DailyIATA Dangerous Goods Training for Operations Personnel DGI


DailyShipping Fully Regulated and Excepted Lithium Batteries and Cells Online TrainingChemtrec


DailyHealthy Buildings Amid COVID-19Golder Associates


DailyAir Transport of Radioactive Materials (IATA/DOT) Online TrainingEnergy Solutions


DailyDOT/NRC Radioactive Waste Packaging, Transportation and Disposal Online TrainingEnergy Solutions


DailyGET THE DIRT ON EXCESS SOIL Navigating Ontario’s Finalized RegulationsGolder Associates


DailyDOT NON-Bulk Training Compliance Associates


DailyOnline IATA Dangerous Goods Training Compliance Associates


DailyWebinar IATA Dangerous Goods Training Compliance Associates


DailyWebinar DOT Bulk Tank Truck Training Compliance Associates


DailyOnsite DOT Bulk Tank Truck Training Compliance Associates


DailyOnline DOT Bulk Railcar TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyHazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness Online Training Course CHEMTREC


DailyOSHA 30 Construction (Online) ClickSafety


DailyHAZWOPER 2020 Refresher (Online) ClickSafety


DailyHAZWOPER 40-Hour All Industries (Online) ClickSafety


DailyHAZWOPER 24-Hour All Industries (Online) ClickSafety


DailyHazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness Online Training Course Chemtrec


DailyIATA Dangerous Goods Online Training for Operations Chemtrec


Daily8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Course Hazmat School


DailyDOT Hazmat Employee with Packaging Course Hazmat School


DailyRCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Online Training Course Hazmat School


DailyOSHA Asbestos Awareness TrainingHazmat School


Daily49 CFR TrainingChemtrec


DailyASP®-CSP® Online ReviewBowen


DailyIATA Dangerous Goods Online Training for Operations PersonnelChemtrec


DailyCHMM Online Review Bowen


DailyCOVID 19: Sampling Approaches for Healthy Buildings – Virtual Live Panel Golder Associates


DailyOnsite Lithium Battery TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyOnsite ADR TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyWebinar ADR TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyWebinar TDG TrainingCompliance Associates


DailyOSHA Confined Space Operations TrainingHazmat School


DailyEmergency Management, Laser Safety FundamentalsBowen EHS




DailyCSHM Exam Prep CourseVubiz


Mar 4, 2021EPA – Building Climate Change Resilience Virtual Trainings –

  • CREAT Modules 3 (Consequences and Assets) and 4 (Adaptation Planning)


Mar 9, 2021EPA – Building Climate Change Resilience Virtual Trainings –

  • CREAT Module 5 (Risk Assessment) and an overview of local financial resources utilities can apply for to fund adaptation measures


Mar 15-19, 2021Environmental Management Certificate ProgramOSU


Mar 16, 2021DOT Hazardous Materials TransportationPTP


Mar 18, 2021RCRA Hazardous Waste ManagementPTP


Mar 19, 2021IATA Transportation of Dangerous Goods By AirPTP


Mar 22-24, 202124 Hour Hazmat Technician TrainingPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

Mar 22-25, 202140 Hour OSHA HAZWOPERPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

Mar 23, 2021EPA – Building Climate Change Resilience Virtual Trainings –

  • A brief overview of previous information, then open agenda for attendees to ask questions about using CREAT, how to apply it to their circumstances, and how to seek funding for adaptation strategies. (Optional)


Mar 24, 20218 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER RefresherPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

April 1, 2021Creating the Water Workforce of the FutureEPA


April 20, 2021DOT Hazardous Materials TransportationPTP


April 22, 2021IATA Transportation of Dangerous Goods by AirPTP


April 23, 2021IMO-IMDG TrainingPTP


April 23, 2021IMO-IMDG TrainingPTP


April 26-28, 202124 Hour OSHA HAZWOPERPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

April 26-29, 202140 Hour OSHA HAZWOPERPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

April 28, 20218 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER RefresherPTP

Swedesboro, NJ

July 26-Sept 20, 2021CHMM Online ReviewBowen


August 17-19, 2021PHMSA HMIT Grant DOT Hazmat Basic Awareness TrainingHMS

Rockville, MD

August 24-26, 2021PHMSA HMIT Grant DOT Hazmat Advanced Awareness TrainingHMS

Rockville, MD

Sept 14-16, 2021PHMSA HMIT Grant DOT Hazmat Advanced Awareness TrainingHMS

Rockville, MD

Sept 21-23, 2021PHMSA HMIT Grant DOT Hazmat Basic Awareness TrainingHMS

Rockville, MD

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