In response to additional changes issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA) has issued a second addendum to the 62nd IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. This addendum is in addition to the items listed in Addendum I, and thus both addendums must be used together. As stated by IATA, Addendum II is necessary because:

ICAO has issued a further addendum to the 2021-2022 edition of the Technical Instructions. The ICAO amends special provision A220 to modify the application to be for COVID-19 pharmaceuticals and not just COVID-19 vaccines. A220 has also been expanded to except the application of the lithium battery mark and consequently the compliance statement on the air waybill to packagings for the COVID-19 pharmaceuticals that are accompanied by lithium battery-powered data loggers and/or cargo tracking devices when being shipped for use or re-use.

There are also changes to operator variations that have been advised and which have been included in the addendum.

… The addenda will be posted on the IATA website shortly. The eDGR in all languages and the LBSG are in the process of being updated to reflect the addendum changes.