We’re delighted to report that approximately 55% of Kryterion’s testing centers have reopened!

Most have done so with reduced capacity in compliance with prevailing health guidelines. Schedules may be limited as well. It will be a gradual journey back to full testing capacity.

On July 13, 2020, we will begin proactively rescheduling your candidates’ exams from the virtual COVID-19 placeholder center to their original, now-reopened testing centers. All IHMM credential exams are still available to get taken remotely if that is the choice of the applicant.

Exams will be rescheduled to date at least 30 days into the future, and your candidates will be notified by email of their new exam details.

Candidates wishing to self-reschedule to a more convenient date, time, or location may do so through IHMM’s Webassessor portal. The email mentioned above will provide them with the simple rescheduling steps.

As more centers reopen, we will repeat this process until all candidates are offered to be rescheduled at re-opened centers. If candidates prefer remotely proctored exams we will continue to offer than option as well.