Because of the Covid-19 where and when can I sit for the exam?2020-05-07T19:17:25+00:00

You have the option of using the remote virtual proctor to deliver your examination. That means installing some simple software and taking the exam from home or your office provided you meet the necessary requirements. You need high-speed internet, a camera and microphone and a quiet private place with no interruptions.

How do I log into my account and when is my renewal due?2020-05-07T19:15:23+00:00

The IHMM website, in the top menu bar and on each credential’s page, contains a link to MYIHMM. You have your unique username and password to only your account in MYIHMM. Login to MYIHMM and you can see your current credential renewal date as well as any open invoices for fees that may be due. You may pay your fees right in your MYIHMM account. Check your spam folder if you can’t find your username and password, it may have ended up there. You may also contact IHMM staff to resend your username and password if necessary.

What do I need to do to reinstate my certification?2020-05-07T19:11:35+00:00

Each IHMM credential has its own webpage that includes a section on the reinstateement of your credential. Navigate to your credential and find the reinstatement section and follow the instructions there. Staff is also always available to assist you if you need it.

I accidentally started an application for the wrong credential, should I create a new account?2020-05-06T23:11:52+00:00

No, contact an IHMM staff member and they will cancel the incorrect application. Having multiple accounts can create problems for you down the line.

My annual fee invoice isn’t due yet. Why do I keep receiving notification about an “unpaid invoice?”2020-05-06T20:25:52+00:00

IHMM sends out reminder notices 90, 60 and 30 days before an annual fee due date, in addition to a monthly notification, all certificants receive for any unpaid invoice IHMM has on file.

I need to print a copy of my invoice for my records, where can I find it?2020-05-06T20:23:45+00:00

A copy of your invoice(s) paid and unpaid, can be located in your MyIHMM order history section.

I have earned a CHMP credential, but now I have finished my 4-year degree and qualify for the CHMM credential. Will I have to pay for a new application and exam, even though I have already paid for my CHMP application and exam?2020-05-06T20:22:52+00:00

Yes, you have to complete the CHMM application and pass the CHMM Exam. The CHMM is a different credential from the CHMP credential.

How will I know if my application has been approved?2020-05-04T18:11:01+00:00

If your eligibility application is approved, you will receive an eligibility approval email. This message will include a candidate login and password, which will enable you to access IHMM’s exam registration website (Webassessor® ) where you may schedule your exam appointment. 

Do I have to pay for the exam once my application gets approved?2020-05-04T18:08:56+00:00

No, Test takers have 12 months to schedule for the exam and pay the exam fee once the application is approved.

How long do I have to schedule for the exam?2020-05-04T18:07:18+00:00

You have 12 months from your application approval date to sit for the examination. After 12 months, the application expires. If you have taken an exam and have failed, you have 12 months from the date you failed the exam to retake again. 

I work in marketing and business development for a company that sells directly to the hazardous materials profession. How can we reach more hazardous materials decision makers?2020-05-01T19:53:10+00:00

The Hazardous Materials Society (HMS) offers Associate Membership to companies like yours, providing a platform of visibility within our community of hazardous materials professionals. Please go to https://hazmatsociety.org/associate-members/

I am currently a certificant in good standing with IHMM; do I need to join the Hazardous Materials Society?2020-05-01T19:50:18+00:00

All IHMM certificants are automatically included as Certificant Members in the Hazardous Materials Society and can access HMS benefits. There are no dues for certificants, no application, no member renewals. You are a member by virtue of your IHMM certification.

I am already a PE/RPG/CSP/CIH, etc. Why would I want to add CHMM to my credentials?2020-05-01T18:47:11+00:00

The CHMM is a multidisciplinary credential. Management of hazardous materials intersects and cuts across the fields of engineering, geology, safety and industrial hygiene. It also encompasses facets of public health, transportation, homeland security, and other fields as well. The CHMM does not attempt to replace these other credentials. Rather, adding the CHMM to your list of accomplishments shows that you have the knowledge and skills to recognize and resolve hazardous materials issues wherever they occur.

How and by whom are IHMM programs administered?2020-05-05T22:24:46+00:00

IHMM programs are administered by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) located in Rockville, Maryland. Applications are completed by candidates online. The Institute reviews the application for eligibility and completeness. Those meeting the eligibility requirements (experience and academic) are then allowed to proceed to the examination. Those who pass the examination are notified by IHMM and then IHMM issues a certificate to the candidate. The Institute’s Executive Office is the office of record for all active certificants’ documents, eligibility information, examination results, and official correspondence, as well as contact and financial data.

Are the CHMM, CHMP & CDGP programs accredited?2020-04-10T22:37:44+00:00

Yes. The Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM®), the Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner (CHMP®) and the Certified Dangerous Goods Professional (CDGP®) credentials are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which meets ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024, the International Standard for Personnel Certification Programs.  Additionally, both CHMM and CHMP credentials are accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB), which meets ASTM Standard E 1929-98 for Personnel Certification Programs.

What companies or government agencies recognize the CHMM credential?2020-05-01T18:49:25+00:00

Federal and state governments and many private businesses across the country recognize the value of the CHMM certification and some require it in the performance of certain types of work. These organizations include: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (Cleanup Star Program); State of Connecticut (Aquifer Protection Program); State of Indiana (Soil Remediation and Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure Projects); State of Kentucky (Department of Environmental Protection); State of New York (as Qualified Environmental Professionals); Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry; U.S. Air Force; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Army Corps of Engineers; U.S. National Park Service; FDIC; General Motors; Delphi; ENSR; Teris; PSE&G; 3E; and MECx. In addition, the Veterans Administration recognizes the CHMM credential and will reimburse veterans and their eligible dependents for the cost of the CHMM exam.

How much does it cost to become certified?2020-05-01T18:52:14+00:00

The current total cost of the certification process for both CHMM, CHMP & CDGP is $695. This includes a $175 nonrefundable application fee and a $360 examination fee. After passing the exam, the initial (1st year) annual certification maintenance fee of $160 is due and is due at the anniversary of your certification each year thereafter throughout the five-year certification cycle. The current fees charged by IHMM are found within each credential’s page under IHMM Fees.


When will there be an exam near me?2020-05-01T18:52:57+00:00
All IHMM examinations are offered on an on-going basis via computer-based testing (CBT) delivered through proctored Kryterion HOST® sites. Once your application is approved, you will receive information on how to register and select the location of your choice.
Can I take the exam as a walk-in?2020-04-29T19:35:36+00:00

If you have not received a notice of your eligibility and a candidate authorization code from IHMM, you will not be able to take the exam.

I already registered for an Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management course. Doesn’t that mean I’m also registered for the exam?2020-04-10T22:30:38+00:00

No. The EHMM course is offered as a training option separate from the examination. You must apply separately to IHMM to take the CHMM, CHMP or CDGP examination.

How can I find out where courses are being given?2020-04-10T22:30:04+00:00

IHMM announces professional development activities for current offerings that have been provided to us. There may also be other courses of which we are not aware.

There is no course being given near me. Are there other options?2020-04-10T22:29:35+00:00

Online courses are available from many sources, including the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals. There are self-study resources available.  IHMM cannot and does not authorize, accredit, oversee, or endorse any specific course.

I don’t need/want to take a course. Can I still take the exam?2020-04-10T22:29:01+00:00

Yes. The certification examinations are administered independently of any training. Taking a course is optional.

Does my degree in _______ qualify?2020-04-10T22:28:37+00:00

Maybe. Eligibility requirements for the CHMM include having a baccalaureate degree in hazardous materials management or a related field. Related fields include (but are not limited to): biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, environmental science, management, physics, safety, and industrial hygiene. For the CHMP, the Associate of Applied Science degree must be in Hazardous Materials, Environmental Studies, Environmental Management, or a similar field. Contact the IHMM Office if you wish to discuss your specific background.

Can I upload photocopy of my official transcript?2020-04-10T22:28:08+00:00

IHMM now permits candidates to upload photocopies of college transcripts and diplomas as proof of achievement of a baccalaureate degree or higher. Any proof of enrollment must be from an accredited college or university. If a CHMP candidate is claiming eligibility on the basis of an AAS degree plus experience, that transcript (or copy of) must be uploaded before the candidate can register for the examination.

I attended more than one college/I have more than one degree; do you need all the transcripts?2020-04-10T22:27:43+00:00

No. If you have more than one degree, it is preferable to submit the transcript for the one that reflects coursework most closely aligned with the requirements of the credential.

Does a degree from a foreign college or university qualify?2020-04-10T22:27:08+00:00

Degrees acquired through foreign colleges or universities are acceptable if they are documented as equivalent to a BS/BA degree issued in the United States. An equivalency report can be obtained from any NACES-approved organization (such as World Educational Services, Educational Credential Evaluators, Foreign Academic Credential Service, and others).

Can I take the CHMM exam if I don’t have a baccalaureate degree?2020-04-10T22:26:36+00:00

No. The baccalaureate degree is a minimum requirement for the CHMM exam. However, the Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner (CHMP) and Certified Dangerous Good Professional (CDGP) are available for non-degreed applicants.

What is “relevant” experience? Does my experience as _______ qualify?2020-04-10T22:26:07+00:00

Relevant experience is associated with a work practice that demonstrates the use of knowledge in the field. Experience that seems to be outside of the field may qualify if it relates or contributes to management of hazardous materials. For example, if one’s experience as a cost manager is applied to the management of a hazardous waste disposal site, it may qualify as relevant experience.

I did an internship in college. Will that count toward my experience requirement?2020-04-10T22:25:36+00:00

Maybe. It must have been valid work in a relevant field and it must NOT have been counted for credit toward your BS/BA degree.

What should I study for my certification exam?2020-05-05T22:27:41+00:00

Review the examination specifications table or ‘blueprint’ to determine the areas that may be covered in your examination. Each of the credential sections of the IHMM website includes a subsection on each credential’s “blueprint,” and that is an excellent place to start with preparing for your examination.

How do I reschedule my exam?2020-04-10T22:24:12+00:00

Login to www.webassessor.com, click details to view information on your current registration, then click the reschedule button. Test takers can reschedule themselves as long as they do so at least 72 hours before their schedule exam. If a test taker reschedules less than 72 hours from their appointment, there will be a $100 rescheduling fee.

What is the test like? How long is it?2020-04-10T22:23:44+00:00

All IHMM examinations will be offered via computer-based testing (CBT). The CHMM and CHMP must be completed within three hours and the CDGP must be completed in 3.5 hours. The CHMM** examination consists of 140** items; the CHMP exam has 120 items; the CDGP exam has 100 questions.

** The examination may include a few additional test questions. These test questions will not be counted toward your test score and are included to gather data that will allow us to evaluate the quality of the questions for use on future test forms.

Do you have practice questions or tests?2020-04-10T22:23:09+00:00
No. IHMM does not issue study or practice questions, but many course providers and web sites offer such information. (See the Resources section of this site.)
Do I have to pass each section of the test in order to pass the entire exam?2020-04-10T22:22:45+00:00

No. Your overall score is used as the basis for determining your pass/fail outcome.

Is there any penalty for wrong answers?2020-04-10T22:22:18+00:00

No. Your attempt at answering all questions will only improve your chances of obtaining a passing score.

Can I use a calculator at the exam?2020-04-10T22:21:45+00:00

Yes, but only a four-function or nonprogrammable scientific calculator may be used. Calculators into which the user may enter and retrieve information are not allowed.

When will I find out if I passed? Can I find out over the phone?2020-04-10T22:21:21+00:00

Examination results will not be discussed over phone. Candidates will receive unofficial results at the testing center immediately following submission of their examination. Official results will be sent via e-mail within 3 weeks of the exam date.
If your application to take an examination is denied, or if you are denied certification after passing the examination, you may appeal to the IHMM Executive Director. Submit your appeal via email with all relevant documentation to the address on your notice of denial within 60 days of the date on your notice.

If I fail the test, can I take it again? How many times?2020-04-10T22:20:51+00:00

Yes. You may schedule to retake the test immediately after your official results email containing your score breakdown report. However, after a third failure, a candidate must wait a full year from the last attempt and submit a new application and pay full fees before trying again. He or she must also meet all the eligibility requirements then in effect.

Are fees refundable if, for some reason, I cannot take the exam?2020-04-10T22:20:13+00:00

The application fee is nonrefundable because of the time and effort that goes into processing the application. In order to reschedule at no charge, a candidate must do that at least 72 hours prior to their exam appointment. If you reschedule in less than 72 hours of your exam appointment, you must pay a $100 rescheduling fee.

When I pass the test, I’m certified, right?2020-04-10T22:19:47+00:00

Not yet. Passing the examination is a key element in becoming a CHMM, CHMP or CDGP. However, any IHMM issued certification only becomes official after all aspects of the application process are completed (online form, transcripts, third-party employment verification) and all fees are paid, allowing issuance of your numbered certificate.

I obtained a Certificate in Hazardous Materials Management from the University of California, so I am a CHMM, right?2020-04-10T22:18:40+00:00

No. “CHMM” is a trademarked designation for “Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.” Use of the designation by anyone who has not been certified by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) is a violation of trademark law.
The hazardous materials programs offered by the University of California are similar to mini-degree programs, but they are strictly academic. They issue a certificate of completion, not a certification! The CHMM program combines academics and experience as prerequisites, and requires that you pass the national CHMM examination. That is the only way to become a CHMM.

Where can I prepare for a career in hazardous materials, dangerous goods, environment, health and safety?2020-04-25T00:07:54+00:00

IHMM has established the Hazardous Materials Society [HMS], found here >> https://hazmatsociety.org/   There, under the Education and Training page, you will find thousands of classes, courses, and webinars that can prepare you for your future. HMS has collected these courses from resources all over the communities of practice in which we operate and course offerings are updated and expanded each week.

Why should I consider certification?2020-04-10T22:13:34+00:00

Certification identifies individuals with the professional qualifications and expertise needed to handle, manage, and consult on matters relating to hazardous materials. Professional credentials serve as an independent validation of your proficiency in this interdisciplinary field.
Being certified can advance your career, enhance your employment status, and improve your chances of landing a better job. Employers understand that mishandling or mismanagement of hazardous materials can quickly become a critical element in the success or failure of a business. They depend on proven credentials like the CHMM, CHMP & CDGP to help identify those who are best qualified for the job.

What professional/ethical standards are IHMM’s certificants bound by?2020-05-01T18:56:05+00:00

Every IHMM certificant is bound by a Code of Ethics. Certification is granted only after the candidate pledges to abide by the Code of Ethics in their application. Suspected violations of the Code of Ethics are investigated by the IHMM’s Professional Standards Committee.  To report a violation of a Code of Ethics, return to your credential’s section of this website and look for Policies/Code of Ethics and you will find a Violation Form there.

What does a Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner (CHMP) do?2020-04-10T21:12:26+00:00

The CHMP is a person experienced in handling hazardous materials in a wide variety of specialties, such as environmental protection, emergency response, safety, transportation, and security. CHMPs have experience in packing, shipping, tracking or securing hazardous articles; responding to spills; and/or cleaning up contaminated sites. The CHMP certification is related to the CHMM, but focuses more on hands-on or workplace experience as a practitioner and less on the management aspects of the field. The certification is designed for hazardous materials workers with at least 5 years of relevant experience but no BA/BS degree – or 3 years of relevant experience and an Associates degree in Applied Science (AAS).

What does a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) do?2020-04-10T21:07:38+00:00

A CHMM handles, manages, or advises others on hazardous materials or situations associated with or potentially including such items. A CHMM may perform management and/or compliance duties for a corporation, business, government, or some other organization in this capacity, or work in a related field associated with hazardous materials such as environmental protection, safety, hazmat transportation, or security. Any time hazardous materials are involved, a CHMM professional can advise on proper handling and management for ensuring safety and compliance.

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