IATA has published an addendum to the 62nd Edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Thanks to Janet Kolodziey-Nykolyn for bringing this our attention.

Note key updates include:

  • Modifications to State and Operator Variations
  • Addition of Hygiene Products to 2.5 DG in Operator’s Property to address alcohol-based hand sanitizers and cleaning products carried aboard aircraft by the operator;
  • COVID-19 vaccines containing GMOs or GMMOs including those in clinical trials are not subject to the DGR;
  • New Special Provision 220 assigned to UN3481, UN3091 for packages containing COVID-19 vaccines accompanied by data loggers and/or cargo tracking devices containing lithium batteries are not subject to the marking and documentation requirements of Section II of Packing Instructions 967 or 970; and
  • Other editorial clarifications or corrections.