EPA’s 2024-2027 Climate Adaptation Plan focuses on priority actions the agency will take over the next four years to allow the agency to deliver on its mission to protect human health and the environment, even as the climate changes. The plan integrates consideration of climate risks into multiple actions as appropriate and where consistent with EPA’s statutory authorities, such as in the development of rules, policy and guidance; permitting and environmental reviews; monitoring, enforcement, and compliance activities; and grant making.

Highlights from the plan include priority actions EPA is taking to:

  1. Foster a climate-ready workforce.
  2. Build facility resilience.
  3. Develop climate-resilient supply chains.
  4. Integrate climate resilience into external funding opportunities.
  5. Apply climate data and tools to decision-making.
  6. Integrate climate adaptation into rulemaking processes.

Read the plan:  EPA’s 2024-2027 Climate Adaptation Plan (pdf) (833.3 KB, June 2024) .

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