IHMM’s Board approved an initiative to have the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognize the Certified Hazardous Materials Manager [CHMM] credential in the context of 40 CFR § 312.10, Definitions. The key element of this regulation includes,

However, the Agency notes that any individual with a certification from a private certification organization where the organization’s certification qualifications include the same or more stringent education and experience requirements as those included in today’s final regulation will meet the definition of an environmental professional for the purposes of this regulation.”

IHMM has produced a crosswalk between 40 CFR § 312.10 Definitions and the CHMM Blueprint that documents how the EPA regulation aligns with the CHMM Blueprint and demonstrates that in each instance the blueprint meets or exceeds 40 CFR § 312.10 Definitions. The EPA definition of an Environmental Professional is in the Federal Register dated November 1, 2005 at page 66080. On that page is the instruction to private certifications being considered Environmental Professionals and how to compare 40 CFR § 312.10 to the certification.

  1. Federal Register 11-1-2005 Page 66080 – Definition of Environmental Professional – EPA
  2. You may read the IHMM – CHMM crosswalk here.