House and Senate leaders recently released a bipartisan, comprehensive data privacy bill that would grant consumers new rights regarding how their information is used by companies, tax-exempt organizations and other data brokers.

Why it matters: The American Privacy Rights Act, if enacted, would establish a federal consumer privacy standard that supersedes the current patchwork of state laws.

The legislation would:
• preempt state laws by setting one national privacy standard.
• minimize the data that businesses and organizations can collect and use.
• allow consumers to opt out of targeted advertising and prevent the transfer or selling of their data; and
• give individuals the right to sue bad actors who violate their privacy rights.
What they’re saying: Cantwell and Rodgers called their bill “the best opportunity we’ve had in decades to establish a national data privacy and security standard that gives people the right to control their personal information.”
• Many associations have agreed on the need for federal data privacy legislation to address the current patchwork of state laws, enhance consumer protections, and provide businesses with clear and consistent rules for data collection and use.

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