The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) conducts a Job Task Analysis (JTA) to validate all certification examinations every five years, or more often if circumstances warrant.  The job analysis identifies the performance areas and associated knowledge, tasks, skills, and abilities relating to the credential.  During the JTA process, a new blueprint based on the consensus of the profession validated by survey participants.  The blueprint provides the areas of competency that a minimally qualified candidate must have to be deemed competent.

The IHMM CHMP Scheme Committee has conducted a comprehensive Job Task Analysis (JTA) based on psychometric principles during a yearlong series of 2- or 1- hour web meetings and has completed a new JTA and blueprint for the CHMP examination.

IHMM would like to extend a special thank you to the CHMP Scheme Committee members.  The passionate subject matter experts in their field who were fully engaged in the process and committed to the mission of IHMM and the CHMP credential  attributed to the project success.  Thank you for volunteering your time and your expertise to define and strengthen the CHMP credential!!

Nine (9) subject matter experts (SMEs) serve on the CHMP Scheme Committee work under the guidance of a trained psychometrician, Jim Brinton, from Certification Management Services (CMS), and other facilitators, Kevin Herron, Chair of the CHMP Scheme Committee and, M. Patricia Buley, IHMM’s Director of Certification and Accreditation.

Subject Matter ExpertOrganization
 Kevin Herron, Chair Univar Solutions
 Mark CrawfordRobindale Energy
 David HallRoche Molecular Systems
 James McIntyreUniversity of Illinois Fire Service Institute
 Jeffrey ParksDyno Nobel Inc.
 James SizemoreD.H. Griffin Wrecking
 William TomlinsonProfessional Training Association Inc.
 Jake Trahan IINutrien
 Rick WolfUnivar Solutions


The eligibility requirements for the CHMP examination will remain the same.

  • Five (5) years of relevant experience with responsibilities directly relating to hazardous materials and/or waste in the workplace.
  • Or, an Associate degree from an accredited college or university in applied science or related field degree; for example in hazardous materials management, environmental science, environmental management, physical or life science or environmental technology, plus three (3) years of relevant experience with responsibilities directly relating to hazardous materials and/or waste in the workplace.

The following is a synopsis of the changes:

  • In general, a significant amount of the general concepts identified in the current blueprint carried over to the new Test Specification.
  • All the Domains have been streamlined.
  • All the Tasks have been modified to test objectives.
  • Testing objectives were added for all the Domains, increasing the focus on application, rather than just knowledge of concepts or definitions.
  • The Domain weights (percent of the exam) shifted slightly for all the Domains.

The new CHMP examination blueprint will go into effect by Q2 2021, and may be read here.