IHMM Approved for Remotely Proctored Examinations

Most of the Kryterion testing locations worldwide were closed in late March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The same has been true of every onsite testing entity in the world, throwing every company that seeks to independently test personnel into limbo. In early April IHMM filed a request with the American National Standards Institute [ANSI] to approve IHMM using the remotely proctored examination services offered by Kryerion for the CHMM, CHMP and CDGP exams and last week IHMM received its approval. IHMM has been scheduling prospective certificants for examination since May 15th, and as of last week, we can now move forward with testing more than 75 people waiting for their opportunity to become new certificants.

IHMM began using remotely proctored Kryterion examinations for the CSHM and CSMP examinations in mid-April.

The process of applying for an examination has not changed. Some Kryterion onsite testing centers are beginning to re-open, and when one applies there will be the opportunity to take an examination by remotely proctored testing or, if available, through a local Kryterion center in person.

IHMM Credentials are all found here >> https://ihmm.org/credentials/