For the past several months we have been working with Anthony Dell’Isola, CSHM, in New York to encourage his State Senator Andrew Gounardes to assist us with amending NY DOL regulation 12 CRR-NY 59-1.12 to include the CSHM and CSMP as acceptable certifications for workplace safety and loss prevention consultants.

I am attaching IHMM’s letter to the NYS DOL, Senator Gounardes’ letter to the NYS DOL, and IHMM’s proposed amendment including the CSHM and CSMP in 12 CRR-NY 59-1.12

We need every CSHM and CSMP in New York to contact their State Senator and State Representative and ask them to join Senator Andrew Gounardes and IHMM in initiating this rule change.

Credential recognition is important to IHMM and we know it is important to you. With everyone involved and pushing this as hard as we can we can achieve this recognition.