Whether you are just starting out in your career or are a seasoned professional serving the hazmat environmental industry, IHMM offers resources and professional credentials to help you advance and grow in your career.

Hear from one of IHMM’s Certificant Insiders on why they chose to pursue a credential through IHMM.

Q&A with IHMM Certificant Insider

Erika Winning, CHMM, CSHM
EHS Manager, Regional (Distribution)
Rust Oleum
Other Certifications: EIT, CSP, CET, CRMP

What or who motivated you to earn an IHMM credential?

Early in my career, two of my mentors Julie Larose and Kristi Linsmeier both held IHMM credentials (CHMM). I was really motivated to follow in that path to demonstrate environmental competence and mastery because it wasn’t necessarily evident I had it just based on my education alone (my degree is in industrial engineering).

I pursued my CSHM because I saw an opportunity for representation and using it as a mentoring opportunity for younger professionals coming behind me.

Are there any opportunities you’re looking forward to as a result of earning an IHMM credential?

I think I have been fortunate to find a lot of opportunities because of my willingness to pursue credentials. I think it shows others you’re committed to continuous professional development.

Recently, I spoke at the FET Conference in Waukesha, WI, in 2023, and it was really rewarding. I also have the opportunity to speak at ASSP Safety 2024. I think those speaking engagements are directly related to being a credential holder.

One of the opportunities that I’m most proud of is my credentials allowed me to successfully run for and win a seat to serve on the IHMM board. Serving in my first term on the IHMM board has been a profound honor so far.

What would you say to someone who is considering earning an IHMM credential?

To go for it. Not to spend a lot of time worrying about if you will pass. Every attempt is an opportunity to learn. I think people psych themselves out into not thinking they have the background knowledge to be successful when they definitely do.

I recently had the opportunity to welcome a few current and former coworkers to the IHMM family, and it’s been very rewarding. Also, reach out to other credential holders. It’s a really awesome community to belong to, and there are a lot of unique perspectives and expertise.

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