Whether you are just starting out in your career or are a seasoned professional serving the hazmat environmental industry, IHMM offers resources and professional credentials to help you advance and grow in your career.

Hear from one of IHMM’s Certificant Insiders on why they chose to pursue a credential through IHMM.

Q&A with IHMM Certificant Insider

Kevin S. Herron, CHMP
District Technical Manager, CHEMCARE, Univar Solutions, LLC

Kevin Herron

What or who motivated you to earn an IHMM credential?

I was motivated to earn my IHMM Certification by my late mentor, employer, engineer and friend John Buddemeyer. He envisioned an IHMM Credential opening doors for me and broadening my professional experiences. He was right.

Are there any opportunities you’re looking forward to as a result of earning an IHMM credential?

My first opportunity I have looked forward to is a personal one, and still continues to be. That is to be a good citizen and to make my contribution to communities by doing my part to make them free from the dangers presented by hazardous materials. My current professional goals are to continue to grow my professional and leadership skills and to mentor young professionals who are beginning their careers in Hazardous Materials Management. I also look forward to the opportunities that my role Chairing IHMM’s CHMP Scheme Committee present to showcase the IHMM CHMP Certification as one of the top credentials in the Hazardous Materials Management field.

What would you say to someone who is considering earning an IHMM credential?

You are making a wise choice. This is not just a profession but a vocation. Not only will you improve your economic outlook and opportunities with your IHMM Certification but you can take great pride in your contributions to society and the fellowship of your other IHMM Certificants.

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