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Hear from one of IHMM’s Certificant Insiders on why they chose to pursue a credential through IHMM.

Q&A with IHMM Certificant Insider

Monica Raja, CSP, CHMM, M.Eng
Senior Engineer at Birla Carbon and Workplace Safety Expert

Monica Raja, CSP CHMM M.Eng

What or who motivated you to earn an IHMM credential?

My manager and other seniors motivated me to get this certificate.

Are there any opportunities you’re looking forward to as a result of earning an IHMM credential?

As a part of my job, I am working with our R&D for haz waste management. This certification helps me to understand the regulations better. I always thought that environmental regulations and chemicals management were the areas where I needed improvement. This certification helped me review those regulations including DOT shipping, response strategies, and haz waste management thoroughly.

What would you say to someone who is considering earning an IHMM credential?

I would definitely recommend this certification. This credential helps them to stand out with expertise in hazardous materials management, environmental management, response strategies for hazardous chemicals incidents, and training personnel.

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