IHMM is pleased to announce, after more than 24 months of work, that the  Associate Hazardous Materials Manager® [AHMM®] credential has launched this Memorial Day.

There are 250,000 people who muster out of the U.S. Armed Services each year, the vast majority of whom have no degree and less than 3 years of experience in an MOS/AFCS – or military occupation. Until now, IHMM had no credential for any of these servicemen and women. Each year, thousands of people graduate with a degree in environmental engineering or other sciences, get their first job in the environmental field and thus have no experience, and IHMM has no credential for these people either.

Now, IHMM has the Associate Hazardous Materials Manager® [AHMM®] credential for military personnel with no degree and less than 3 years of experience, or recent college graduates with little or no experience, or Student CHMM® graduates, may apply for and take examinations.

The AHMM certification blueprint is here.

IHMM thanks the AHMM Scheme Committee > https://ihmm.org/ahmm-scheme-committee/ as he success of this project can be largely attributed to the passionate subject matter experts in their field who were fully engaged in the process, and committed to the mission of IHMM and the AHMM credential.  Thank you for volunteering your time, your expertise, and your passion!! All of the members hold the CHMM certification.

Ten subject matter experts (SMEs) serve on the AHMM Scheme Committee, working under the guidance of Nicola Areshenko, Chair, and Craig Dickensheets, Vice-Chair of the AHMM Scheme Committee, and M. Patricia Buley, IHMM’s Director of Certification and Accreditation.

Subject Matter ExpertOrganizationLocation
Nicola Areshenko, ChairUS Public Health ServiceCA
Craig Dickensheets, Vice-ChairHazTek Safety ManagementVA
Andrew Douglas AdamsIKON Environmental Solutions, LPTX
Nicole BrownGeneral Dynamics – OTSIL
Michael DeckerTradebe Environmental ServicesTN
Alec HartColorado Springs UtilitiesCO
Lewis HaynesTennessee Department of the Environment and ConservationTN
Alfonso NunezEnvironmental Resources Management, Inc.CA
Rebecca Tracy US VanadiumAR
Xiaoyu ZhangEnvironeer Engineering ConsultingTX

The AHMM website is here > https://ihmm.org/ahmm/