The Professional Certification Coalition was founded in July 2018 to address efforts to enact state legislation that would undermine the activities or recognition of certifications developed or offered by non-governmental, private certification organizations. IHMM Joined PCC to work with 114 other credentialing organizations to protect private credentials against state encroachment.

Recent occupational licensing reform legislation considered in various states has alerted private certification organizations to significant threats to their activities. These bills have included provisions that would:

  • bar many professionals holding certifications from private organizations from using the titles “certified” or “registered”;
  • create evidentiary presumptions and barriers to state professional licensure laws recognizing or requiring certifications from private organizations; and/or
  • establish governmental certification programs that would supplant private certification programs, in some circumstances.

In many instances, these bills incorporate language from anti-occupational licensing or anti-certification model legislation sponsored or endorsed by special interest groups. Whether the harmful consequences of the legislation are intended or not by the bill sponsors, certification organizations can expect the introduction of similar legislation.

IHMM is pleased to provide the 2019-2020 report from PCC that highlights what we have all been doing to protect private credentials >> PCC 2019-2020 Year in Review and Prospectus for FY 2020-2021