These are some of the materials that were used to support the CSHM blueprint as well as the construction of the CSHM examination. You may choose one or more of these materials and acquire them yourself in preparation for taking the CSHM examination.

  1. Industrial Hygiene Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, Barbara A. Plog, Patricia J. Quinlan, NSC Publication.
  2. Ergonomics – Fitting the Task to the Human, Kroemer, k.H.E.: and Grandjean, E.
  3. Safety Engineering – Safety and Health for Engineers, Roger L. Brauer, Van Nostrand Publication.
  4. Safety and Accident Prevention – Occupational Safety & Health for Technologists.
  5. Business Management – Understanding Business, 10th Edition, Nickels, McHugh, McHugh
  6. Training – The Trainer’s Handbook, Lawson
  7. Emergency Management – Introduction to Emergency Management, Haddow, G.D.; Bullock, J.A. and Coppola, D.P.
  8. Motor Fleet Safety – Motor Fleet Safety Manual, John E. Brodbeck, NSC Publication.
  9. Risk Management – Fundamentals of Risk Management: Understanding, Evaluating & Implementing Effective Risk Management, Hopkin
  10. Human Resource Management – Human Resource Essentials, Grensing-Prophal
  11. Management Systems – Integrated Management Systems: Leading Strategies and Solutions, Pardy, W., & Andrews, T.
  12. Environmental Management – Principles of Environmental Science Inquiry and Applications, Cunningham, W.P. & Cunningham, M.A.
  13. Safety Management – Safety Management: A Human Approach, Petersen, 3rd Edition

If you have any questions about these resource materials please contact Kaylene Cagle at [email protected]