The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management [IHMM] and our foundation [Hazardous Materials Society [HMS] are pleased to inform you that we have scheduled two [2] US DOT PHMSA Grant Hazardous Materials Regulations Awareness Training Workshops – in person – here at our offices in Rockville, Maryland.

This workshop is offered with U.S. DOT PHMSA HMIT (Hazardous Materials Instructor Training) Grant support to the National Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (National PETE).

This training is FREE for employees and federal, state, county and local government employees involved in DOT HazMat Shipping, Receiving and Handling via Ground, Air and Vessel Transportation.

The workshop curriculum is in accordance with 49 CFR § 172.704 for General Awareness, Function-Specific, Safety and Security Awareness training requirements.

All IHMM certificants who attend the full 3 days receive 24 certification maintenance points [CMPs] for the Basics course, and 28 CMPs for the Advanced course.

Registration: Contact Mr. Raymond Davis, CHMM, IHMM Fellow, NPETE US DOT PHMSA HMIT Grant Project Coordinator/Instructor at [email protected]

Please provide Mr. Davis with the following registration information via email to [email protected]
Your name, Your company, Your company address/city/state/zip, Phone number and Email