Rockville, Md. (May 12, 2020) – The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM), recognized as the premier provider of credential programs in the hazardous materials space, announced today that it has launched a new website, This milestone is the result of strategic efforts to advance IHMM’s mission to deliver the highest standards in credential programs and offer a more robust and accessible community for professionals in the hazmat industry.

The website highlights the organization’s accredited credential programs for professionals in the hazardous materials, health, safety, and dangerous goods communities of practice, including the industry’s bellwether Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM®) designation, as well as the Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner (CHMP®), and Certified Dangerous Goods Professional (CDGP®), among other certifications. In addition, the IHMM website acts as an important resource hub, featuring trade news, education and networking opportunities.

As a main feature of the new website, IHMM introduced the industry’s newest networking tool called Collaboration, a powerful and innovative online platform that fosters a cooperative culture for IHMM-credentialed professionals, Hazardous Materials Society (HMS) members, and industry leaders to easily interact and share information, in support of maintaining their high-profile roles and responsibilities in the hazmat environment. This exclusive online community empowers people to work together, effectively and remotely, allowing knowledge groups to form around topical areas and shared interests.

“The goal of the new site is to offer a clear, concise and compelling way to communicate with professionals in our communities of practice, and provide many pathways to joining the top tiers of our industry,” said Eugene Guilford, Jr., executive director at IHMM. “A collaborative culture is important for every business but is especially important for our hazardous materials, dangerous goods, environment, health and safety communities of practice. IHMM credentialed professionals have global reach, and we are at the forefront of environmental protection, health, and safety, requiring collaboration with the very best people in our fields.”

To visit the IHMM website, click here

About IHMM
A not-for-profit organization founded in 1984, the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM), has been protecting the environment and the public’s health, safety, and security through the administration of credentials recognizing professionals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, expertise, and excellence in the management of hazardous materials. IHMM-credentialed professionals advance their skills and knowledge in their respected fields through these programs while gaining recognition from their employers. A professional credential allows an individual to make greater gains in their career and make a bigger impact in the communities and environment in which they serve.

About HMS

IHMM created the Hazardous Materials Society (HMS) as a separate, 501[c][3] non-profit organization with its own Board, to provide excellence in education, training, advocacy, information services, meetings and networking in the fields of hazardous materials management, health and safety to raise the level of performance and professionalism among those individuals whose services to their communities create a safer and more sustainable environment.