EPA proposes certain amendments to the electronic manifest (e-Manifest) regulations concerning the e-Manifest program and system. lotter on DSK11XQN23PROD with PROPOSALS2 Specifically, EPA is proposing changes to manifest regulations for shipments of hazardous waste that are exported for treatment, storage, and disposal. These proposed changes follow EPA’s e- Manifest User Fee final rule, promulgated in January 2018, which stated that the scope of the e-Manifest requirements and system would not extend to U.S. export shipments of hazardous wastes until the Agency determined, through separate rulemaking, which entity in the export process would be responsible for submitting export manifests to the e- Manifest system and paying the associated user fees. EPA is also proposing regulatory changes to the RCRA hazardous waste export and import shipment international movement document-related requirements to more closely link the manifest data with the international movement document data. In addition, EPA is proposing regulatory amendments to three manifest-related reports (i.e., discrepancy, exception, and unmanifested waste reports) and is requesting public comment on changes to the manifest form. EPA is also requesting public comment with respect to how the Agency can begin to integrate biennial reporting requirements with e-Manifest data.

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