Greetings from the United Nations Department of Operational Support (UN DOS) in New York.


The Department of Operational Support (DOS) assists close to 100 United Nations entities around the world with advisory, transactional and operational services out of its Headquarters in New York.


Within DOS, the Talent Acquisition Section (TAS) in the Human Resources Services Division (HRSD), exists to establish and manage diverse talent pools and rosters across various job areas. Through our rosters, TAS expedites recruitment in the field by providing diverse and high-quality pools of talented candidates for field positions, available to deploy quickly to achieve the Peace Operations mandates and meet the mission’s performance targets, including gender. Accordingly, the Human Resources Services Division (HRSD) in DOS Office of Support Operations (OSO) is responsible for coordinating the Generic Job Openings (GJOs). HRSD facilitates applicant assessment, interviews and conducts suitability screening to create and maintain viable rosters for immediate and anticipated job openings. These opportunities are open to external candidates as well as all eligible internal Secretariat staff. In order to address the lower level of representation of women in various occupational groups, women are particularly encouraged to apply.


For the year 2022-2023, one of the roster job openings that will be available is the Occupational Safety Officers. In October 2022, we launched an Occupational Safety Generic Job Opening at the Mid-Entry Level (P3), and have now launched another Occupational Safety Officer (P4) Generic Job Opening at a higher Mid-Managerial level (P4). Since Occupational Safety is a job area in which you are experts, we are kindly asking you to help us disseminate and circulate this initiative widely across your Institute, networks, boards and relevant associations.


Should you like to support our initiative, please use the attached documents (English & French Versions available) which provides a link to the application form as well as a link to the UN DOS website.


We would also be happy if you would like to have more information or be in touch with our section, so please do not hesitate to write us back at [email protected]


We thank you in advance and hope that by reaching out to you we can partner together and you can support us in building a roster of qualified candidates interested to work with the United Nations in the field of Occupational Safety


Medical Services Occupational Group

Talent Acquisition Section | Human Resources Services Division

Office of Support Operations | Department of Operational Support

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