About PHMSA’s International Program

PHMSA’s International Program provides leadership in the development of international hazardous materials transportation safety standards. The program draws on PHMSA’s technical expertise, stakeholder participation, and multi-modal collaboration to support the development of innovative global transport safety standards to support alternative and sustainable energy sources, new technologies, and process innovations.

The International Program consists of three safety pillars: Global Safety Standards, Trade Facilitation, and Multi-Modal Collaboration. By providing U.S. leadership and expertise in international forums, PHMSA’s International Program enhances the safe handling and transportation of critical hazardous materials.

As the U.S. competent authority on the transport of hazardous materials, PHMSA represents the interests of all U.S. stakeholders. PHMSA’s International Program holds public meetings before attending international forums. All public meetings are announced below and through the Federal Register. The PHMSA International Program encourages participation in public meetings or by contacting us directly.

Upcoming Events

Please see below for upcoming events. Federal Register notices are published prior to public meetings conducted by the International Program.

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