Your undergraduate school needs to submit curricula to IHMM for review and approval to become a part of the IHMM ST/ASHM student certification program. These curricula are generally in the area of health, safety, management, and workplace safety.

Once your school has established with IHMM that it has a fully-accredited curriculum in the areas of study most likely to lead to a student, with experience in the field, being able to qualify for testing and certification for the fully-accredited CSHM certification later on, then IHMM enrolls the school and the school works with IHMM to communicate with students about the availability of the IHMM ST/ASHM program.

    Name of the School:

    URL of the School’s Website:

    Principal Point of Contact Name:

    Title of Principal Point of Contact:

    Principal Point of Contact Email Address:

    Principal Point of Contact Telephone Number:

    Principal Point of Contact Physical Address at the School:

    Curricula Submitted for Review [weblinks to areas of concentration]:

    Institution that has accredited the college/university:

    Authorization to Publish Information in this form and use of the school’s logo on the IHMM website.

    Role of IHMM

    • Owns and operates the Student ASHM credential, logo, and program

    • Provide for student enrollment and collection of the registration fee [$10]

    • Provide the IHMM Student Manual for each student

    • Provide the online examination to test each student [70% to pass]

    • Provide the IHMM Student ASHM Welcome Packet Upon Passing the IHMM Examination

    • Provide the Student ASHM Community on IHMM’s Collaboration Platform including the Mentor Match feature that allows Student ASHMs to connect with fully accredited CSHMs for guidance

    • Provide Student ASHMs with IHMM electronic newsletters as frequently as are published

    Role of the School

    • Register with the IHMM Student ASHM program [this form]

    • Provide regular, consistent promotion of the Student ASHM to students in the disciplines outlined as desirable for Student ASHMs

    • Allow IHMM to publish the school’s information on this form and use the school’s logo in the IHMM Student ASHM program

    Authorization from an authorized official of the school agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as outlined in this Registration Form.

    Name of the authorizing official: