On behalf of Jan Rosenberg, Chair of the IHMM ASHM Committee, and the entire Institute, we are very pleased to announce that Thomas Gerding has passed his Student Associate Safety and Health Manager [ST/ASHM] examination and has become IHMM’s first Student ASHM.

The Student ASHM program was launched in 2022 following the successful experience with IHMM’s Student CHMM program which now has 96 student certificants. These student certification programs underscore IHMM’s commitment to helping students become successful as they pursue studies in either hazardous materials or dangerous goods or environment, health and safety. IHMM has backed up that commitment with a $32,000 student scholarship program.

You learn more about the IHMM Student ASHM program here > https://ihmm.org/student-ashm/  and join us in congratulating Thomas Gerding as our first Student ASHM certificant.