June Brock-Carroll, Hazardous Waste Manager at Clemson University, wants to talk to her colleagues at other colleges and universities around the country about how the IHMM Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner [CHMP®] credential has helped advance her career at Clemson.

With an IHMM CHMP® credential, professionals prove their mastery in the secure and proper handling of hazardous materials and earn a distinction that is respected by colleagues and rewarded by management.

While a CHMP® designation helps corporations, universities, and government agencies identify accomplished professionals, at the same time, professionals find it challenging to take time out of their busy schedules to prepare and sit for the exam.

June Brock-Carroll was in that same position. While she had always wanted to earn the credential, it wasn’t until 14 years into her career in the Office of Research Safety at Clemson University that she decided to take the CHMP® exam in 2013.



As a result of her new credential, June has been involved in major departmental decisions, promoted twice and continues to see the benefits of a CHMP credential pay off.

Read June’s full story below.

The CHMP credential recognizes those who handle hazardous materials in a wide variety of specialties, such as environmental protection, emergency response, safety, transportation, and security. Visit IHMM.org/CHMP for more information.

In 1996, June moved into the Environmental Health and Safety department at Clemson University where she worked with hazardous materials in research and teaching labs as well as institutional support areas. She also assisted the Hazardous Waste Officer with the development and implementation of the Hazardous and Biological Waste programs.

After 14 years of employment at the university, June was promoted to Hazardous Waste Manager overseeing the waste programs. Throughout her time at Clemson, she had plans to sit for the IHMM Certification in Hazardous Materials but never found the time to do so.

IHMM Credentials Are The Industry Standard

“I finally decided I had to make time for gaining my certification in the field of hazardous materials,” explains June. “I began the process of realizing my goal in 2012. I have always believed that certification elevates the credibility and stature of environmental professionals. I also believe that the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management credentials are the industry standard.”

The CHMP® Certification Process

June attended a preparatory course for the CHMM/CHMP certification and used self-study materials at home to help her prepare for the exam.

In September of 2013, June sat for and passed the CHMP examination. “My goal was finally realized of proving my knowledge within all hazardous materials and environmental regulations to myself as well as my employer,” says June.

What do you need to prepare for the CHMP® exam? Find out here: www.IHMM.org/CHMP

How a CHMP® Credential Can Boost Your Career

Within 6 months of obtaining her CHMP credential, June was promoted to Hazardous Materials Manager. While she was still responsible for managing the hazardous and biohazardous waste programs, June was also charged with the development of the Hazardous Materials Transportation/Shipping and the Construction Site Hazardous Materials Programs at the university.

June describes, “Over the years since gaining my CHMP® certification, my employer continues to add job duties and involve me in multiple major environmental compliance decisions for the university. They realize the value this credential brings to the job.”

In July 2020, after another reorganization of the two safety departments at Clemson University, June received another promotion moving her into a higher managerial level as well as a higher pay band. She also mentors three hazardous materials specialists and one environmental compliance specialist.

“I am 100% certain that obtaining the CHMP credential played and continues to play a huge part in my success in the health and safety field! And I know that it will yours as well!”-June Brock-Carroll, CHMP®

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