IHMM Certificants are professionals in the top 1% of their communities of practice

Institute of Hazardous Materials Management & Hazardous Materials Society

A collaborative culture is important for every business but is especially important for our hazardous materials, dangerous goods, environment, health and safety communities of practice. IHMM credentialed professionals are at the top 1% of their professions and their reach is global. We are at the forefront of environmental protection, health, and safety and this is where collaborating with the best people in their fields, always willing to help one another, lessens the stress of our jobs and where we strive as a team to make a difference of which we are proud.

Professional Credentials

Through these portals are the pathways to joining the top 1% of the professional communities of practice in
hazardous materials management, dangerous goods transportation, environmental protection, health and safety.


Certified Hazardous Materials Manager
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Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner
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Certified Dangerous Goods Professional
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Certified Dangerous Goods Trainer
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Student CHMM

Student Certified Hazardous Materials Manager
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Certified Safety and Health Manager
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Certified Safety Management Practitioner
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Associate Safety and Health Manager
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Hazardous Materials Society

The Hazardous Materials Society was created by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management as a separate, 501[c][3] non-profit organization with its own Board. No one who participates in any IHMM credential committee also participates in an HMS activity, the two are kept strictly separate as HMS respects the ANSI accredited credentials of IHMM.

HMS is established to provide excellence in education, training, advocacy, information services, meetings and networking in the fields of hazardous materials management, health and safety to raise the level of performance and professionalism among those individuals whose services to their communities create a safer and more sustainable environment.


Proud to Stand With Our Military

You’ve learned some special skills while serving our country. As you consider your options after the service, now is the time to consider a private certification that respects your skills and sends a strong signal to private sector employers about the skills you have and how those skills translate into civilian life.IHMM participates in the military service branch’s Credential Online [COOL] program to help you. Check these DoD sites for your branch and how we can work with you to make the very most of your transition to civilian life. Visit these sites for more information that benefits You. You earned it.

If you require any assistance from IHMM please contact James E. Drosdak [USAF] at jdrosdak@ihmm.org


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