IHMM is pleased to announce that we have received our 100th Student CHMM application! This achievement marks another historic milestone in IHMM’s progress in supporting students in undergraduate or graduate studies in the hazardous materials disciplines. IHMM seeks to foster the growth and academic success of students whose courses of education, and participation in one of our Student certifications, will lead to those students becoming fully-certified IHMM credential holders later in their professional lives.

IHMM’s Student Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (ST/CHMM ®) credential recognizes students who wish to demonstrate their development of knowledge and skills in hazardous materials management while pursuing their undergraduate degree.

IHMM further underscores its commitment to students by having created the $32,000 IHMM Scholarship program in 2022, that prior to Thanksgiving made its first two awards.

Student CHMM FMI > https://ihmm.org/student-chmm/

Student ASHM FMI > https://ihmm.org/student-ashm/

IHMM Scholarship Program > https://ihmm.org/scholarship/