The IHMM Student CHMM Committee, chaired by Meg Rose Olsen, CHMM, CIT, is pleased to announce that Slippery Rock University has joined the Student CHMM program.

We welcome Slippery Rock University to the growing number of colleges and universities that support the Student CHMM program by encouraging their students to pursue IHMM’s Student CHMM credential while engaged in their undergraduate or graduate studies. The Student CHMM program is backed by IHMM’s Dr. John H. Frick Memorial Scholarship Program which annually makes $32,000 available to eligible Student CHMMs and Student ASHMs. IHMM is proud to have created and supported the Student CHMM program and Scholarship to advance students pursuing their future careers in the global environmental, health, and safety communities of practice.

The Student CHMM Committee oversees the future development of and engagement with the Student CHMM including, but not limited to; changes in the Student CHMM handbook, the Student CHMM examination, and item bank, soliciting new colleges and universities to participate in the Student CHMM program, and Student CHMM community in Collaboration and its Mentor Match program. The Student CHMM webpage is found here.

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