The IHMM Student CHMM Committee, chaired by Peter F. Downing, CHMM, is pleased to announce that the University of Central Missouri has been approved to join the IHMM Student CHMM Program.

IHMM seeks to foster the growth and academic success of students whose courses of education, and participation in one of our Student certifications, will lead to those students becoming fully-certified IHMM credential holders later in their professional lives. IHMM further underscores its support for student certificants by underwriting the $32,000 IHMM Scholarship program, also seen here >

The Student CHMM Committee oversees the development of and engagement with the Student CHMM including, but not limited to; changes in the Student CHMM handbook, the Student CHMM examination, and item bank soliciting new colleges and universities to participate in the Student CHMM program, and Student CHMM community in Collaboration and its Mentor Match program. The Student CHMM webpage is found here.

IHMM welcomes the University of Central Missouri and looks forward to working with the university and its students on their journey in the hazardous materials management community of practice!